CNN Whines About Companies Not Following Radical ESG Goals

June 9th, 2023 12:51 PM

CNN Whines About Companies Not Following Radical ESG Goals CNN genuflected to leftists’ climate change radicalism by whining about companies around the world doing “almost nothing'' to adhere to nutty environmental, social and governance standards.

Relying on a study by ESG Book, a woke advocacy organization, CNN peddled the radical ESG nonsense by mourning that “just 22% of the world’s 500 biggest public companies by market value are aligned with the Paris Agreement.” Further, as CNN's ludicrous argument went, companies are supposedly on track to reach “a disastrous level of warming that could expose billions of people to dangerously hot conditions.” It’s like CNN was prophesying the coming of climate Armageddon.

CNN harrumphed that “the world is way off track to reach its climate goals.” It also saw companies like Shell and BP as “major polluters” and sobbed that those companies were shifting focus to fossil fuels when they are profitable, er, like any other company that cares about profits.

CNN’s source, ESG book, which is as activist as the name implies, “assigned ‘temperature scores’ to companies” in a plot to pressure them into conforming to the crazy climate agenda. CNN quoted ESG Book CEO Daniel Klier, who complained that companies are “‘not necessarily all moving at the right pace.’” 

In addition, CNN promoted ESG Book’s reported call for “more stringent government policies'' and “changes to consumer behavior.” Sounds like a pretty Orwellian scheme to get the agenda that the climate alarmists want. But CNN, true to its leftist bona fides, propped up the scheme as necessary to constitute a “meaningful shift in the current climate trajectory.”



CNN also cited the ESG-friendly International Energy Agency to protest the fact that “slightly more than $1 trillion is expected to flow toward oil” and other natural resources this year. This funding, whined the propagandists at CNN and the IEA, “is significantly above the level consistent with the world reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.”

In contrast with what radical climate activists like CNN have been saying, Hoover Institution Visiting Fellow Bjorn Lomborg pointed out in an interview with The Spectator that “when you’re inundated with all of this [climate] information that tells you the end is nigh, it sort of makes you believe, ‘Well, we should spend whatever on it’…. ‘If this is going to kill everyone on earth, obviously this is our biggest and only thing we should be concerned about.’ It is not.”

Lomborg said that while climate change is “certainly something you’d prefer not to have,” it is “also something that you can live with, and you should live with….” He also spoke against the “enormous amount of [climate] policies that are very costly and that actually do very little good.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact CNN at (404) 827-1500 and demand that it stop bowing down to the extremism of the ESG movement.