New James Cameron Film Bashes Trump, Pushes Climate Agenda at DNC

July 28th, 2016 4:00 PM

The Democratic National Convention would not be complete without a group of liberal Hollywood celebrities anxiously warning that humans are threatening the planet.

Avatar director and eco-hypocrite James Cameron premiered his short environmental film, Not Reality TV, at the convention. In addition to blaming floods, droughts, fires, and other natural disasters on human-induced global warming, the film also criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for calling global warming a “hoax.”

Actress Sigourney Weaver, the film’s narrator, introduced the film at the DNC screening on Wednesday. She told the audience that unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton understands climate change is “not about politics."

The film featured actors Jack Black, Don Cheadle, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. All three are environmental activists. Schwarzenegger recently teamed up with Cameron to film a PSA that asked people to “go green” by not eating meat.

According to Jackie Strause of The Hollywood Reporter, before the premiere Cameron labelled Trump a “madman” and called his stance on climate issues “incredibly reckless, incredibly dangerous.” Her article was published July 27.

Cameron called for people to “mobilize like we did during World War II” because “the threat to our country and children is that severe.”

Similarly, in 2015 Cameron claimed climate change was “the biggest crisis that our society and our global civilization faces,” and in 2010, he said he supports “ecoterrorism.”

This was not the first time Cameron publicly criticized someone for not subscribing to environmental climate alarmists’ claims. In 2010, he lashed out at Glenn Beck, and climate skeptics in general, for their “poisonous” ideas. However, while Cameron enjoys lecturing others to give things up in order to save the planet, he reportedly owns an assortment of dirt bikes, a yacht, and several submarines.

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