Victory! Texas AG Paxton Blocks Google’s Plot to Avoid Justice

April 7th, 2023 10:29 AM

Victory! Texas AG Paxton Blocks Google’s Plot to Avoid JusticeLeftist Big Tech giant Google’s attempt to get off scot-free over its alleged misuse of Texas consumers' data proved unsuccessful.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) celebrated a victory
Thursday in its legal fight against Google’s alleged misuse of millions of Texans’ data. A Texas judge rejected Google’s motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, effectively allowing Paxton to move forward with the lawsuit.

“Google reaps millions of dollars from its misrepresentations and from harvesting Texans’ personal data,” AG Paxton said in an April 6 press release. “Google’s attempts to evade accountability will not succeed, and they certainly will not deter my resolve to protect our citizens’ privacy. Google will be held accountable in a Texas court, for exploiting the people of Texas and violating Texas law.”

The ruling marks “a major step forward in ensuring the Big Tech leviathan faces justice in a Texas court for breaking Texas consumer protection laws,” the Attorney General’s Office said.

The Texas AG sued Google in October 2022, alleging that the giant “unlawfully captured” the biometric data of millions of Texas residents “without properly obtaining their informed consent to do so.” “Google’s indiscriminate collection of the personal information of Texans, including very sensitive information like biometric identifiers, will not be tolerated,” AG Paxton said in an October statement.

After the lawsuit was filed, Google argued that a Texas court located in Victory County had no jurisdiction over the giant and that the arguments over its usage of Texan data needed to be heard in its leftist state of California.

The court order can be read in full here.

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