WATCH: Parler CEO John Matze Nukes Big Tech: People Are ‘Fed Up’ with Them

November 11th, 2020 12:17 PM

A conservative exodus to Parler from liberal Big Tech platforms has taken place since the chaotic election. The rising social media platform had skyrocketed to become the top app on the App Store.

The reason? Parler CEO John Matze said it’s because people have finally had it with Big Tech’s Orwellian infringement on freedom of speech.

During the November 10 edition of Mornings with Maria on Fox Business, Matze took aim and blasted Twitter and Facebook, while explaining the conservative exodus that caused his own platform to explode. Matze said: “We’re seeing 40x on our sessions. We’re seeing massive amounts of user activity on the app [Parler.] You know, it’s really kind of exploding.” Matze continued: “I think people are really just fed up with what’s going on on Twitter and Facebook and these other places that are really cracking down and trying to just interfere, I guess, with what people are trying to talk about during this time.”

Watch the segment below:



Anchor Maria Bartiromo joined in with Matze’s comments by highlighting the dystopian behavior by Twitter. Twitter’s censorship kicked into high gear ever since the New York Post released its bombshell story on Hunter Biden.

Bartiromo stated: “[W]e live in a free country, and the fact that Twitter was censoring the Hunter Biden story and censoring President Trump repeatedly, I think, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of people.”

The Fox Business anchor said that she had been “dropping [story] scoops increasingly on Parler.” She continued: “I’m not going to be dropping any scoops on Twitter anymore. I’m going to be promoting my guests and my shows. But it is Parler where you will find real stories and the things I’m working on and my opinions on things.”

Matze concluded: 

What we’re seeing is just people are really trying to go somewhere where they have trust in a platform. I feel that they don’t have trust anymore in these other places. And so, what they’re saying is, you know, ‘Look, we know we can speak freely. We know you guys believe in what, you know, our right to free speech and our rights to, you know, basically say what we need to say.’ And that’s really why there’s this boots-on-the-ground movement to transition to a new place for them to communicate with one another.

Bartiromo concurred, stating, “that’s what all of us want to see: competition in the marketplace.” She continued: “You don’t want to see the regulatory bite that comes with obstruction that you’re seeing on Twitter. You want to see competition.” She implored “President Donald Trump to leave Twitter altogether. It doesn’t matter if you have a gazillion followers on Twitter. If they are censoring you, you’ve got nothing.”

On the day before the election, Matze had gone on CNBC’s Squawk Box to warn Americans that Twitter would in fact censor the president should he post any speculation about an election win.

He was spot-on.

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