NYT Essayist with Soros Ties Pushes ‘Climate Reparations’ for ‘Third World Corruptocrats’

November 11th, 2022 2:55 PM

A climate extremist tied to billionaire George Soros was grilled online for pushing thinly veiled climate reparations as the world’s elites converge for another United Nations conference in Egypt on the environment.  

World Resources Institute (WRI) President Ani DasguptaWorld Resources Institute (WRI) President Ani Dasgupta exploited the suffering of “millions of people in vulnerable countries” to advocate for climate reparations in a New York Times Nov. 11 essay. To be absolutely clear, emphasized Dasgupta: “It’s not a matter of charity.” Soros funded the WRI’s radical support of climate reparations with $1,053,207 between 2016 and 2019. [Emphasis added]. 

JunkScience.com founder Steve Milloy accurately represented Dasgupta’s climate bunk on Twitter, tweeting: “Climate reparations ‘is not a matter of charity.’ That's correct. It's a matter of theft from US taxpayers. And it's a matter of bribery for third world corruptocrats to keep them playing the climate hoax game.”

But throughout his climate propaganda, cheekily headlined “Paying for climate damage isn’t charity,” Dasgupta was careful not to use the phrase “climate reparations” outright. 

Instead, Dasgupta used a variety of euphemisms. He said the rich world ought to pledge “small amounts,” “contributions,” “funds,” and a “collective funding stream” to the poor world, dancing around the issue of climate reparations. Eventually, Dasgupta dropped the act. “The United States and European Union must get behind this movement now,” Dasgupta wrote, and give “money” to the third world. 

Dasgupta desperately tried to frame climate reparations as an oppressor/oppressed dynamic to force first-world countries like the U.S into funding the rest of the world:

“The climate crisis has reached new levels of devastation this year for millions of people in vulnerable countries that didn’t cause the problem. Floods in Pakistan, drought in the Horn of Africa and hurricanes in the Dominican Republic — all intensified by climate change — have ruined people’s livelihoods, causing losses so immense that it is hard for many in richer countries to even fathom.”

It’s worth noting that Dasgupta didn’t once mention China in his 853-word, virtue-signaling diatribe on climate. That’s rich, considering that China pumped out “more pollution in eight years” than the entire U.K. has since the “Industrial Revolution,” per The Telegraph. CNBC even reported last year that “China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of U.S. and developed countries combined.” 

But the United States was a different story entirely. He called on the U.S. to pony up money for the climate cause three separate times in his article. 

So why not shake down China to pay tribute to the climate gods? Reuters reported on Nov. 9 that “China would be willing to support a mechanism for compensating poorer countries for losses and damage caused by climate change,” but there’s a catch. “China later said that would not involve contributing cash.” 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The New York Times at 1-800-698-4637 and demand it stop publishing the screeds of climate change activists without disclosing their ties to Soros.