Soros-Aligned, Soft-on-Crime Texas D.A. Resigns to Avoid Removal Hearing – then Announces Run for Senate

September 6th, 2023 1:34 PM

Rather than face a hearing on a petition seeking his removal from office for refusing to protect the citizens of Nueces County, Democrat Texas District Attorney Mark Gonzalez resigned Tuesday, then announced his candidacy for Republican incumbent Ted Cruz’s Senate seat.

On September 12, a hearing at Nueces County Courthouse was scheduled regarding a petition to remove Gonzalez from office, which cites several charges of the George Soros-aligned district attorney’s dereliction of duty, including:

  • High Rate of Criminal Dismissals: Nearly three of every four criminal cases, including at least one murder indictment, were dismissed in Nueces Country over a three-year period.
  • Mishandling of Murder Cases: Gonzalez’s office has faced accusations of prosecutorial misconduct in a murder case for, admittedly, providing access to confidential case files.
  • Mishandling of Evidence: Gonzalez’s office lost evidence in the case of a doctor facing 14 felony counts of sexual assault, alleged by 14 victims.
  • Failing to Pursue Charges Against Violent Offenders: The Nueces District Attorney’s office has repeatedly denied motions to revoke the probations of those who have violated the terms of their release, including at least one individual who was later arrested on murder charges.

D.A. Gonzalez has described himself as a “Mexican biker lawyer covered in tattoos” - one of which reads “Not Guilty.”

In his resignation letter, Gonzalez announces that he is seeking election to the U.S. Senate and blames “MAGA-aligned political radicals intended to end my term early, weaponizing our already overworked courts to remove me from office.”

However, Gonzalez then defends himself by citing Democrats’ own politically-motivated weaponization of the justice system against the leading Republican candidate for president:

“I refuse to play this rigged Republican game, particularly considering the Republicans’ hypocrisy, as their presumptive presidential nominee is under indictment in four jurisdictions across this beautiful country and no less revered.”