Scarborough Mocks GOP Voters as Drunks: We Make ‘Horrible Decisions Every Four Years'

April 29th, 2015 6:30 AM

Occasionally Morning Joe can be quite eclectic. When watching the show, one could be following a clear trail of logic, only to be blindsided by a burst of absurdity. Such was the case with Monday’s broadcast, in which Joe Scarborough compared Republican voters to drunks.

First, he announced "To my Democratic friends, I actually, I mean it's in my best interests if I’m a Republican I want the Republicans to win the White House, for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. Cause I think if she wins the nomination, your party’s going to lose." Joe suddenly jumped onto a Republican bashing tangent, "I say this to Republicans all the time, cause we’re the ones who usually make really really bad choices. Please put down the whiskey and car keys...And we always make these horrible decisions every four years."

Then, while pretending to be a raging drunk, Joe provided an example of one of these "bad choices," by shouting "Michelle Bachman will be a great President."  

News flash: Bachmann was never nominated to be the Republican candidate.

In Joe’s defense, however, it is possible he meant the very idea of nominating Bachman was ludicrous. Nevertheless, the joke’s on him: it was nominating moderates like John McCain and Mitt Romney that cost the party the presidency.

In addition to watching Joe act like a drunk, viewers were treated to Mika Brzezinski’s romanticization of Bruce Jenner’s announcement on ABC that he thought he was a woman:  "I was on Twitter, at some point while it was airing, and I -- some really credible sources were saying this is the most amazing, riveting -- it was a cultural moment."

Washington Post editorial writer/gay activist Jonathan Capehart agreed. "It was. I mean, we talk about LGBT, lesbian gay bisexual transgender as sort of a throwaway acronym. For 46 years, we have gotten to know lesbians and gays and bisexuals, but the T has always been silent. And when you have a cultural and sports icon like Bruce Jenner who is willing to come out and say that for his entire life, he has dealt with his gender identity and he's going...through this transition. You have to stop and pay attention and listen and watch and learn."

Mika expressed skepticism at first about a big celebrity interview show, and Capehart told the audience that viewing was required: "You have to pull up and watch it. You really should. And if you haven't, you should."

As if celebrating the suffering of a sexually confused man wasn’t enough, Capehart expressed unshaken confidence in Justice Anthony Kennedy’s willingness to flush the original intent of the Constitution in favor of a radical sexual agenda. "I mean, he has written some of the most beautiful language about gay and lesbian people, about their families, about their dignity in this country and how they deserve equal protection. For the Court and for him to come down in a different place in June would be unbelievably shocking."

It’s a shame that Capehart makes no attempt to demonstrate that this "beautiful language" and its sentiments are found in the Constitution. Equally shameful is Capehart’s implication that if you do not agree with him or Justice Kennedy then you don’t believe in the "dignity" of gays and lesbians.

Such an implication suggests that, in Capehart’s world, everyone who doesn’t sign on to the idea that the federal government should force the states to adopt gay marriage in defiance of the will of the people can be labeled a hateful lunatic.

That is a monumental assumption about a lot of people Capehart has never met. One might be tempted to call such a broad brush painting an act of bigotry.