We Told You So! Sen. Joe Manchin Blasts Biden’s Fiscal ‘Betrayal’ in WSJ Op-Ed

April 3rd, 2023 11:51 AM

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted  President Joe Biden’s “fiscal betrayal” on the Inflation Reduction Act as he continues to ignore the nation’s ever-growing debt with his outrageous spending policies in a new op-ed. But is it too little too late?

Manchin appears to have just discovered that the left isn’t really concerned with fiscal responsibility. In his March 29 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Manchin lambasted how “recent actions make clear to me that the Biden administration is determined to pursue an ideological agenda rather than confront the clear and present danger that debts and deficits pose to our nation.” 

MRC Business and conservative voices have been sounding the alarm on Biden’s out-of-control spending for months, including the inflation-exacerbating, $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act.

Manchin’s op-ed, headlined “Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Betrayal,” pointed out the dire consequences of the nation’s $31.5 trillion debt and called out Biden bureaucrats for advancing a “partisan agenda.” He complained about how he and Biden initially “agreed that the [IRA] was designed to pay down our national debt and shore up America’s energy security.” But now under Biden’s leadership, railed Manchin, “unelected ideologues, bureaucrats and appointees seem determined to violate and subvert the law to advance a partisan agenda that ignores both energy and fiscal security.” Leftists being dishonest about their intentions? Go figure!

“I believe the only person who can rein in this extremism is Mr. Biden,” Manchin claimed in the op-ed. “The president has the power, today, to direct his administration to follow the law, as well as to sit down with congressional leaders and negotiate meaningful, serious reforms to the federal budget.”

Manchin apparently just figured out that President Biden is obsessed with recklessly wasting trillions of tax-payer money. He also still doesn’t seem to grasp how bad the IRA was to begin with. Despite previous warnings that this inflation bill would not decrease Biden's inflation, Manchin himself greenlighted the bill.

Manchin defended his support for the IRA in an interview with Fox News Sunday on April 1, claiming he isn't trying to distance himself from the bill, but rather is calling on the Biden administration to “adhere to the intent” of the law.



MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider called out Manchin for ignoring months-old concerns that the Inflation Reduction Act was never about reducing inflation [emphasis added]:

“Joe Manchin worked with Biden to firebomb the economy and now he’s claiming he didn’t realize it was going to destroy it. He can’t have it both ways. His crocodile tears about how this so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is playing out is merely a political ploy trying to get West Virginian voters to stand by him. It’s not going to work.”

Heritage Foundation economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth similarly condemned IRA’s shortcomings in exclusive comments to MRC Business [emphasis added]:

The Inflation Reduction Act was never about reducing inflation. It was always about increasing spending on renewables and electric vehicles. This spending increases the deficit and raises Americans’ electricity and car prices. Higher deficits and higher electricity, and car prices raise inflation rather than lowering.”

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