Vice Founder to Obama: ‘How Do You Handle’ 'Negativity' from Critics?

March 19th, 2015 1:49 AM
In a Vice News interview posted on Monday, founder Shane Smith used the first of many softball questions to President Barack Obama to ask how does he “handle the controversies, the negativity” and whether or not he’s “a masochist.” With subjects ranging from global warming to political gridlock to marijuana legalization, Smith was far from a tough interviewer and allowed the President to, without…

'Vice' CEO Bugged Out by Climate Change: It's a 'Gun to Our Heads

May 28th, 2013 1:54 PM
Shane Smith, CEO of the online news site Vice, has bought into the lefty claims of climate change as he alarmingly warned it's a "gun to our heads" and likened it to "nuclear war." The journalist and co-founder of Vice came on Thursday's edition of PBS's Charlie Rose show to promote his partnership with HBO and told the CBS This Morning host he doesn't think there are "two-sides" to the…