Dr. Phil SCHOOLS The View: Biden DHS Sending Migrant Kids to Sex Rings

February 26th, 2024 2:19 PM

It’s not often that hard facts get presented on ABC’s The View. And they when they do, there’s a good chance they’ll come from a guest. Much was the case on Monday when Dr. Phil McGraw stunned the cast and audience by talking about a conversation he had with Border Patrol in which the union leader admitted that the federal government had sent migrant kids to sex rings and sweatshops,…

Behar Invokes Nazi Germany to Encourage Protest of Arizona Immigration

May 18th, 2010 8:16 AM
Catching up on an item from ABC’s The View from Monday, April 26, as the group discussed the new immigration law in Arizona that attempts to enforce federal immigration law, co-host Joy Behar invoked Nazi Germany and suggested that those who oppose the law should be inspired by the story – which is apparently just a legend – of King Christian X of Denmark and other Danes wearing the Star of David…

'Dr. Phil' Chastises Letterman's Deriding of Palin's Bad Parenting

September 4th, 2008 4:48 AM
Guest “Dr. Phil” on Wednesday night chastised David Letterman's misunderstanding of teenage sexual behavior and parental influence after Letterman sarcastically complained that if a President McCain “drops dead...don't you want your President to have had the presence of mind to have chatted to her teenaged kids for five minutes about birth control?” (Letterman delivered the same belittling joke…