NCLA Attorneys on Big Tech-Gov’t Collusion to Censor

March 16th, 2023 3:37 PM

Federal government agencies – and even the White House itself – seem to be working with Big Tech companies to censor Americans who don’t fall in line with the left’s approved narrative. They’ve censored opinions on COVID-19, transgenderism and Hunter Biden’s alleged corrupt business dealings, just to name a few.


Taibbi CLAPS BACK After House Dem Calls Him a ‘So-Called’ Journalist

March 14th, 2023 11:14 AM

One congressional Democrat seemed unprepared for the response she received after she implied that Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi wasn’t really a journalist. "This isn't just a matter of what data was given to these so-called journalists before us," House Ranking member Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) said at last week's Twitter…


Weaponized Gov’t Hearing: GOP Slam Censorship, While Dems Bash Journos

March 10th, 2023 2:49 PM

Republican lawmakers and self-professed liberal journalist testifiers bashed Big Tech coordination with "weaponized government" while Democrat lawmakers attacked the testifiers at a congressional hearing Thursday. 


Nets Steer Clear of Twitter Files Hearing, Spend 44 Mins Hyping Oscars

March 10th, 2023 2:04 PM

On Thursday, the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held a hearing on the bombshell Twitter Files and the implication of the government colluding with Big Tech to censor free speech. The lively hearing featured two of the Twitter Files authors, Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi. And throughout, Democrats tried to demean their work and lambaste the free press…


Ruby on AI: Censorship’s Final Frontier? (CensorTrack with Paiten)

March 9th, 2023 1:11 PM

All the media buzz around artificial intelligence and technology like ChatGPT has raised legitimate concerns about AI’s role in the future of content moderation online.


Congresswomen Slam Tech-Govt Attacks on Free Speech at CPAC

March 2nd, 2023 7:53 PM

“We are dealing with tyranny.” Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY), Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) and moderator Katie Pavlich, Townhall editor, slammed online censorship and the far-reaching consequences of the attack on free speech.

TWITTER FILES: Docs Expose Soros-Tied ‘State-Sponsored Blacklists'

March 2nd, 2023 1:47 PM

The latest batch of Twitter Files released by Twitter owner Elon Musk blew the lid off a coordinated effort to create “state-sponsored blacklists.”

TWITTER FILES: Senator Angus King Pressured Twitter to Target Rival

February 20th, 2023 9:05 AM

The latest drop of Twitter Files shows that a United States senator's campaign director and a State Department official pressured the company to target their enemies.


DeSantis Debuts Digital Bill of Rights Targeting Tech-Gov’t Censorship

February 15th, 2023 5:30 PM

Gov. Ron DeSantis just made an announcement that puts Big Tech and Big Government on notice in the state of Florida.

NYT: First Amendment 'Barrier' to Democracy-Saving Big-Tech Censorship

February 13th, 2023 9:29 PM

New York Times reporter Steven Lee Myers -- a journalist -- nevertheless sees free speech as a threat to whatever a Democratic administration declares is "disinformation," in a front-page article Friday, featuring the online title “Free Speech vs. Disinformation Comes to a Head.” Myers even suggested democracy could fall without Big Tech exercising proper censorship…

NYT on Twitter Hearing: More Concern for Chrissy Teigen Tweet Than FBI

February 12th, 2023 3:13 PM

The New York Times is doing its best to minimize the controversy over Twitter’s squelching of conservative opinion during the Trump-COVID era, as shown by its weird coverage of a House Committee hearing on the social media platform’s biased behavior and pressure from government agencies to push the company to censor conservative speech. In Thursday’s paper, Luke Broadwater and Kate…


Meyers Claims Nobody 'Gives A ****' About Twitter-Hunter Hearing

February 10th, 2023 10:15 AM

NBC Late Night was not happy with Republicans on Thursday for holding hearings into Twitter’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, claiming “no one actually gives a [bleep]” and trying to pretend that Republicans are greatly upset Twitter took down tweets containing nude photographs of Hunter Biden.


CNN: Twitter Probe 'A Conspiracy of Dunces,' Twitter Favored GOP

February 9th, 2023 11:18 AM

Podcaster and NYU marketing Professor Scott Galloway joined Thursday’s CNN This Morning where he launched into a wild denunciation of the GOP-led hearing on Twitter, the FBI, and the Hunter Biden laptop story. Galloway labeled Republicans as “a conspiracy of dunces” and “idiots” while laughably claiming the fact that Twitter’s previous leadership was full of progressives is evidence…

Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Willie Geist MSNBC Morning Joe 2-9-23

Morning Joe Trashes GOP Over Feloniously 'Dumb' Twitter Bias Hearing

February 9th, 2023 10:45 AM

Morning Joe trashes Republicans over their handling of the House Oversight committee's hearing on Twitter's pro-Democrat, anti-Republican bias. The panel claims no one cares about Hunter Biden's laptop, and Joe Scarborough says that if being "dumb" is a felony, many Republicans need "a good lawyer."