Global Warming? AP Reports Many New England Snow Resorts Still Open

May 2nd, 2015 8:46 PM

Remember last year's New York Times warning about the end of snow? Then we were told that 2014 was the hottest year on record. Well, goodbye to all that and hello to snow in May! In May? Yes, in May. The Associated Press is reporting that many New England snow resorts are still May.

Despite all the dire warnings by the mainstream media about "Climate Change" aka Global Warming, Mother Nature seems to working contrary to the predictions. Of course, the AP sees no irony in all this snow after MSM apocalyptic visions of the "end of snow" and the earth heating up. However, as we shall see, their readers do not let this contradiction pass unnoticed:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Skiers and snowboarders at Vermont's Sugarbush resort right now can spend the morning on the slopes and play golf in the afternoon - testament to the abundance of snow that extended the season at many northern New England ski areas.

Sugarbush is one of more than half dozen areas in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine still operating this weekend.

New Hampshire's Wildcat Mountain in Pinkham Notch prides itself on being the state's last ski area open in the spring but marketing director Thomas Prindle says they haven't made it into May in more than a decade.

...Vermont's Killington Resort is shooting for June 1 for the first time in a decade, marketing director Michael Joseph said Friday. The mountain sold more than 2,000 of its spring season passes that are good from March 14 on - up from 600 last year.

Meteorologist Tony Vazzano of Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, is continuing to provide forecasts to many of the still-open areas on a daily basis, albeit from his vacation location on Chincoteague Island in Virginia.

''We've had so much snow and the cold to preserve it,'' Vazzano said. ''We had storm after storm after storm.''

The readers of this story definitely took note of snow in May despite the many Global Warming warnings:

Meanwhile Al Gore says, "Run along. There is nothing to see here. Do not believe this story as AGW dictates there will be no snow anymore in New England, and we must raise taxes and business cost so I and my elite friends can control your lives."

When will this global warming catastrophe end?

Thank goodness for global warming which is extending the ski season.

I bet all the suckers who fell for the global warming scam are feeling really stupid now.

Exit question: Will Al Gore be snowboarding in New England during the Memorial Day Weekend?