Obama Apparently Unaware of Past Mockery by Comedian Interviewing Him

January 22nd, 2015 9:19 PM

Three YouTube stars were chosen by Barack Obama to interview him. One of them was comedian Glozell Green with whom your humble correspondent is quite familiar because I have been subscribing to her channel for years and enjoyed her videos, especially the ones in which she viciously but hilariously mocks Obama's blindly loyal supporters as well as his programs. Apparently the White House vetters must have been unaware of such videos when Glozell Green was chosen for the interview.

First up let us take a look at Glozell's interview with Obama. At first Obama chuckled at Glozell mentioning that she cut off all the hoods on her husband's hoodies. However, when Glozell followed up with a question about the "Po-Po" possibly killing her husband, Obama goes dead serious with a long winded reply.


If there is anybody out there who somehow thinks that Glozell has swallowed the Obama Kool-Aid, here is a video from six years ago of Glozell mocking Obama supporters, Oprah Winfrey in particular:


And here is a video sure to make those in the White House cringe of Glozell parodying the attitude of those Obama fans who thought Obamacare was going to be free:


So congratulations to Glozell Green. You did good, girl, but somehow I don't think the White House is quite into your humor. If they were more familiar with it, your Obama interview could well have been nixed. Anyway, here is a video of Glozell making the big announcement about the presidential interview to Mom:


UPDATE: I just found another part of Glozell's interview with Obama in which she asks him about the Castro "dictatorship." Watch the video below and try to imagine say, Brian Williams, describing the situation in Cuba that way. (Okay, there was a funny part too which I hesitate to describe in detail):