Politico Headline: 'Bill Clinton Plugs Kay Hagan in N.C.'

November 2nd, 2014 1:27 PM

"Bill Clinton Plugs Kay Hagan in N.C.."

If you have not already burst out laughing or at least smiled then you must be sorely lacking in the humor department. That was the actual title of a Politico article. To make matters worse, or funnier, the story was accompanied by a photo of Bill Clinton and Kay Hagan with the latter wearing a blue dress. So was this an example of Politico showing a sly sense of humor? Probably not since their bias leans left and would not want to set Kay Hagan (or Bill Clinton) up for mockery at this final stage of the campaign. The fact that it was probably unintentional makes the headline even funnier. To add to the humor is the way the author of the Politico article plugs her story on Twitter but first let us look at some of the amused reactions of the Politico readers in the comments section:

Monica Lewinsky: Call your office!

Did Bill "plug" her before or after his speech?

I hope Kay Hagan saves the blue dress.

She's not underage, he could have taken her out of state and plugged her.

Just add Hagan to the long list of women Clinton has "plugged" -- some not willingly.

Sometimes the H̶e̶a̶d̶l̶i̶n̶e̶s̶ jokes just write themselves!

Whoever wrote that headline HAD to know what they were doing. Nobody could be that naïve to unintentionally come up with that!

In reference to the last observation, perhaps not. Why? Because the author of the story, Tarini Parti, added to the hilarity of the situation with the following Tweet plugging her piece:

Egad! According to Parti, more than one Democrat besides Bill Clinton plugged Kay Hagan.

Exit Question: Will Bill Clinton also plug Mary Landrieu in Louisiana and Wendy Davis in Texas?