Cosmopolitan Magazine to Send Party Bus With Male Models to Take NC Coeds to Polls

October 28th, 2014 10:56 AM

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. ---Derek Zoolander

Cosmopolitan magazine will be sending a party bus filled with shirtless male models to North Carolina State University to shuttle coeds to the election polls next week. If this sounds like a skit from the upcoming Zoolander 2 movie you could be right. However, it is all too real. Of course, as we shall see, the real purpose of this stunt by Cosmopolitan is to help Democrats. First let us look at the report from CBS Charlotte which very conveniently neglects to mention the real reason for this Cosmopolitan silliness:

Raleigh, N.C. (CBS CHARLOTTE) – Shirtless male models and party buses are being offered to encourage female students at North Carolina State University to get out and vote during the Nov. 4 midterm elections. NC State students looking to vote will have the option of taking “a party bus equipped with snacks, prizes and shirtless male models” provided by Cosmopolitan magazine, student newspaper, Technician Online, reports. Colleges around the country were eligible for Cosmo’s contest prize, but the battleground state school is the winner.

...The #CosmoVotes party bus contest is intended to provide a fun route for students to make it to the polls on Election Day. The party bus and male model amenities are offered to any student in need of a ride to their polling site.

...Although the shirtless male models on the bus “may tend to excite more females than males,” it creates a “fun, exciting voting atmosphere” for students, said Willeford, noting that any tactic to get more students out to vote is a positive move.

Although CBS Charlotte did not reveal the real reason behind the shirtless male model party bus, the Washington Post did in this story:

The bus is part of a contest won by the university, and the latest in Cosmo’s foray into political coverage. This year, the magazine endorsed candidates in 10 races — all Democrats — based on their views on abortion, contraception, and equal pay.

Imagine the outrage if a party bus full of topless female models were sent to a college campus to shuttle male students to the polls with the ulterior motive of encouraging votes for Republicans. But since the reason for the male model Cosmo party bus is to encourage the Democrat vote, no problem.

Perhaps the Cosmo male model party bus could entertain their passengers with clips from this searing documentary movie about the male modeling industry:



p.s. A shout out to Ben Stiller... Please, you've GOT to take this gift from the news and include a scene with a male model party bus shuttling coeds to the election polls in your planned Zoolander 2 movie. Perhaps Zoolander and Hansel can campaign on the bus for the coeds to vote for them as male model of the year.