Is Global Warming a Theme of 'Interstellar' Movie?

October 26th, 2014 1:37 PM

Imagine if astronaut Dave of "2001: A Space Odyssey" returned to Earth as a star child in order to use his superior brain power to build better solar panels. It seems mighty narrow and would have trivialized Stanley Kubrick's classic film. Well, something like that might be happening with another movie, "Interstellar," opening on November 7. A crew is sent via a wormhole to find another planet far across the universe. Why? In order to discover a place to grow corn because the crops on earth have been ruined due to climate change aka global warming.

I sure hope this isn't true but, unfortunately, early reports are that global warming is indeed a theme of "Interstellar." Somehow a crew can't be sent across the universe to another planet just to discover what is out there. No. A global warming agenda is included which can only trivialize the movie. Here are several reports about that global warming theme including this ABC News story:


Nolan and his crew turned to Kip Thorne, a renowned US theoretical physicist who has long studied the far reaches of the universe, for help on creating the black hole the astronauts travel through. Nolan said parts of a spaceship were also built and used on the set, rather than a green screen or special effects.

“If you look at this film and you look at where we are right now in the world — and the climate changes that’s happening … You have to push forward and evoke some kind of positive change in your life, in the world,” Chastain said. “It’s an incredible, thrilling movie.”

Uh-oh! And then there's this observation from CinemaBlend:

Reportedly, this future-set film centers on the tremendous destruction climate change has wrought on agriculture. As a result, these time/space-tripping scientists are said to be seeking out a place where crops can be grown. This is the first we’ve heard anything about Interstellar involving climate change, but gives some insight into the scene setup the reporter goes on to detail.

These are only two of the many sources that are reporting a global warming theme for "Interstellar" which inspired one IMDB reader to post this apt comment:

Wait, is this an ecological hippie liberal goofball message film? I just pray the reason earth is doomed isn't some ecological hippie liberal "we poisoned the planet" goofball reason.

Exit Question: Can the corn grown on the planet on the other side of the wormhole be used for popcorn for the folks in the audience to munch on while laughing at the absurd political trivializing of what could have been an interesting sci-fi movie?