Charlie Crist Connection Avoided in Report About Wild 'Choom' Rant of His Boss

September 8th, 2014 9:39 PM

Be careful. Be very, very careful.

When the boss of Charlie Crist  screams foul language at what appears to be a a 420 Reefer Madness rally of the Choom Gang it is okay to report it on the news. However, what is taboo is to mention Charlie Crist's connection to his own boss, John Morgan, at the law firm of Morgan & Morgan where Crist serves not only as a rainmaker but receives big campaign contributions for his Florida gubernatorial run this year. As you can see, television station WFLA of the Tampa Bay area neglected any mention of Crist in its report on the wild antics of John Morgan. Morgan can be seen in this video (and after the jump) at the medical marijuana initiative rally acting like a crazed Choomer so an extreme foul language alert to those about to watch.

To get an idea of the central role played by John Morgan (ironically no known relation to Captain Morgan), here are some excerpts from an article in the Tampa Bay Times last November:

...Morgan, 57, is leading a high-profile ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Florida for medical use, and he's a key adviser to former Republican Gov. Crist's unprecedented campaign to win back the Governor's Mansion as a Democrat.

Some wealthy middle-aged businessmen bag trophy wives; Morgan goes for trophy lawyers, and Crist is the biggest trophy and best rainmaker at Morgan & Morgan.

"I'll definitely lose a lot of money if he becomes governor," said Morgan, describing Crist as a magnet for lucrative cases — from BP oil, to sinkholes, to a pollution case where damages could approach $100 million. "People call all day long to talk to Charlie. The guy walks down any aisle of Publix and passes out five business cards. Those people call."

...Critics see the medical marijuana initiative as nothing but a ploy to juice turnout among liberal voters to help Crist's campaign. Morgan calls that nonsense.

And after watching Morgan's antics one almost thinks the ability to legally indulge in the green weed might be almost as important to him as using the initiative to attract Democrat voters to the polls to help his rainmaker.

Exit question: Is the Marijuana Bus the Florida equivalent of the Hawaiian Choom Van?