As Amnesty Bills Fails, MSM Gives Us Tales of 'Immigrant Worker' Woes

June 29th, 2007 11:54 PM

Right on cue, as the illegal immigrant amnesty bill failed to get the required support for passage in the Senate, the MSM is here to tell us mean spirited LEGAL Americans how "hard" it is on all those poor, innocent ILLEGAL migrants who break the law to come here by the millions. Yes, folks, women and children hardest hit, as the old saw goes. Of course, it is nearly ignored by the MSM that these people are not just "innocents" but are here knowingly breaking our laws and then blaming us when they find life a bit uncomfortable -- and a bit uncomfortable is all they are facing it should be remembered.

Three quick reports are indicative of how the MSM is making the average, legal American out to be an evil, racist, selfish creep by urging their elected officials to think of their own constituents before they think of undeserving foreign invaders.

First up is Reuters with a hyperbole laced, "Hopes dashed for many immigrant workers", with that hyperbole continuing with a subtitle that cries, "Millions had hoped passage of immigration bill would lead to normal lives."

Someone should remind Reuters that these people are not just "immigrant workers", but law breakers.

Reuters seems to think that the "searing heat" of a "sun-baked parking lot" is reason enough to make law breakers legal citizens as they mention the "heat" a few day laborers experience half a dozen times in their piece. If heat of "107 degrees in the shade" is all there is to citizenship, then we should just open the doors to the citizens of any tropical country, eh?

Of course, Reuters attempts to make the reader believe that these illegals pay taxes and get nothing in return because they aren't legal citizens. But the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector easily disabuses us of that misconception because most of these people are low skilled workers. "Low-skill immigrants receive, on average, three dollars in government benefits for each dollar of taxes paid. This imbalance generates a net cost of $89 billion per year on U.S. taxpayers. Over a lifetime the typical low-skill immigrant household costs taxpayers $1.2 million dollars." Paying taxes or no, they are a net cost, not a benefit to the US.

The Reuters report is so full of whining it is hard to keep a straight face while reading the thing.

Next up is an ABC 7 TV (WJLA, Wash. D.C.) report on how Mexican nationals are "chiding" Americans over the failure of this amnesty bill in a report titled, "Mexicans Chide U.S. Over Immigration."

Starting off with a bald faced falsity, the report goes on to scold Americans for "hurting" Mexicans with US immigration laws.

Opinion makers and migrant advocates in Mexico said Friday that the collapse of U.S. immigration reform plans hurts Mexican workers, U.S. employers and anti-terrorism efforts. President Bush's plan to legalize as many as 12 million unlawful immigrants from around the world while fortifying the border collapsed in the U.S. Senate on Thursday. "This is very bad news for Mexican migrants in the U.S.," said Jorge Bustamante, special rapporteur to the U.N. human rights commission for migrants. "It means the continuation and probably a worsening of the migrants' vulnerable conditions."
Here is a way to safeguard those supposedly worsening "migrants' vulnerable conditions": STAY HOME. If you don't come here illegally, you won't have to hide from authorities and leave yourself open for such exploitation. But following the law, apparently, just isn't a consideration for the MSM.

In any case, American laws are NOT made to benefit foreigners. My last example is a Kalamazoo Gazette article that absurdly claims that suddenly these illegals are "living in fear." With a headline that screams "Immigrants still living in fear", the Gazette regales us with how mean we are to expect people to abide by the law. This report also goes for the heart strings with the anchor baby problem of some local Michigan law breakers.

They broke immigration law a decade ago when they crossed the Mexican border and could be deported if found out. Their three daughters are citizens because they were born in America.
The Gazette gives us a pity party for their illegal subject who complains that, "I live very fearfully, watch everything I do, all out of fear of being deported.''

Why it is that we are supposed to feel sorry for these lawbreakers is not explained, but it is universally taken for granted by these pitiful MSM reports that we should.

In any case, these kinds of stories are filling the wires and papers all across the country proving that the MSM is four square in the corner of the open borders, anti-Constitution, pro-exploitation of illegals side of the argument.

Laws are meaningless to these people it is painfully obvious. And it is us, rather than the lawbreakers, who are being expected to alter their lifestyles, and bend the rules. And the MSM leads at the head of the lawbreakers. (Also see Pam Meister's NewsBusters entry on the Reuters Piece)