On Rosie's Website Her Child Dressed in Bullet Bandolier, Camo Clothing

June 26th, 2007 7:17 PM

Why would Rosie O'Donnell, a woman known for her wild-eyed rants against firearms, the war on terror, and the military, dress her child in a camo shirt, camo bandana and a bandolier of bullets and then post that picture on her own website? I certainly can't answer that stunner and neither can the denizens of her nutroots website who seem shocked and utterly unable to assist me in finding out what is going on with this business.

Yet, there it is, for all to see on her Web site; exactly the photo described above.

(Above is a screen shot of her "A Picture Says a Thousand Posts" section of her website)

Some of Rosie's devoted fans are just as confused as the rest of us. Here are a few of the shocked comments from the site...

That is a horrible picture of VIvi!!

Eula Hollon
Help me out here….Why is that child in the header pic(your child I believe) wearing a bullet belt around her? Is there a political statement ur trying to make?

Ro- So dissapointed to see your little ones with bullets…where are the guns? I thought for sure you would protect them more from such things…The internet is NOT OK…but bullets ARE?? Why Why??

Are you kidding me with that pic of your daughter? Why would you do that?

Jon E.
Not sure of the “message” you are trying to send with that pic of Viv, but I guarantee many are not going to get it… Children with bullets, even fake…?? what are u thinking?

So, gentle readers, we are not alone wondering what is going on with this photo in the wide, un-populated expanse of Rosie's mind.

But, I have to say, the hypocrisy is hilarious. She will most likely fall back on the it's-just-a-kid-at-play argument, but that really makes the lie to her all too common hyperbole on the issues surrounding the issues of guns. So, what does this say of her anti-gun rants if she so easily allows her child to play at being a terrorist? That it doesn't matter if it's "just" playing?

On the other hand, does she think she is making some sort of statement about child soldiers? And what does it say about a "Mother" who uses her own child to make political statements?

In any case, this is a perplexing picture, one that I don't see how she can explain satisfactorily for her nutroots followers. Perhaps some more evidence that Rosie O'Donnell simply has no idea what she is on about? Or that she is one confused and unstable lady?

Should we begin to feel sorry for her at this point? You tell me! What is going on here?


It seems I was right on both counts. Rosie has told The ShowBuzz in an email that the costume was the result of a game of make-believe... but that we should all think about our soldiers!

"They don't watch TV – this is how they play/the boys had fatigues and were playing war/the girls wanted some/they run around the house with water guns/shooting each other."

"It's fascinating to me/that an image of a child dressed up as a soldier/evokes so much attention/yet the real soldiers – their deaths – their wounded bodies/doesn't seem to faze most/or make news," she added.

So, it is both just kids playing and nothing to worry about, making the lie to her past hyperbole about guns AND a political statement about the war.

Sigh - Hollyweird !