San Fran Chronicle FINALLY Finds a Hate Crime!

September 23rd, 2006 3:39 PM

The San Francisco Chronicle has finally found a "hate crime" it can write about.

No, it isn't the hate crime of self-proclaimed terrorist, Omeed Aziz Popal, who drove his SUV into pedestrians throughout San Francisco, killing one, paralyzing another, and injuring many... no not that story. Why Omeed was just a poor, sick-in-the-head fellow, not an Islamist terrorist despite that he claimed to be to all who would listen to him.

I have looked at quite a few San Francisco Chronicle articles, and none of them have used the words "hate crime" in connection with the Aziz Popal story. (Here is a typical oneFamily cites history of mental problems, where the Chronicle never seems to get around to accusing hate crimes, but does feel sorry for the perpetrator)

Yes, the Chronicle must now be happy that it has found a "hate crime" it can sink its fangs into.

Jill Tucker, a Chronicle Staff Writer, has given us Vandalism at Lowell possibly a hate crime, where someone spray painted a Teacher's computer with pink spray paint!

The horrors...

An act of vandalism involving pink paint and an inflammatory note found at Lowell High School early Thursday morning is under investigation as a possible hate crime, San Francisco school officials said.

Yes, a little paint and an "inflammatory note" causes the Chronicle to breathlessly report an outbreak of "hate crimes", but a guy running people down with a car and killing them... well, let's not say "hate" exactly!

Well, the good news is that the school's Principal has made a stand...

After the incident, Interim Principal Amy Hansen met with Lowell's faculty members and told them that the incident was not just an attack on one of the teachers, but on them all, Blythe said.

I feel better already

I wonder if Aziz Popel's 18 or so victims and their families feel better?