Daily Kos Writer: If America Turns Fascist, ‘Goose-Stepping’ Anti-Hillary Media Will Help Make It Happen

August 30th, 2016 5:59 PM

The mainstream media’s campaign coverage is perverse, believes Daily Kos writer Laurence Lewis. The MSM should be explaining that Donald Trump is “the least fit nominee for president in living memory, if not all of American history,” but instead they’re attacking Hillary Clinton, partly because they resent Hillary's (and her husband's) tremendous brainpower.

In a Sunday piece pegged to the uproar over the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play story, Lewis complained, “Whatever Hillary Clinton does is automatically cast as a conspiracy, even if those so casting can't manage to explain what exactly she conspired to do…This is utterly depraved. And it reveals the Clinton critics once again as incapable of empathy or understanding, not only for the Clintons themselves, but for anyone who benefits from their good works…The Clinton critics just can't comprehend that some people do good deeds just for the sake of doing good deeds…This latest effort of the Clinton Conspiracy Complex is without question the most cruel and cynical yet.”

The media’s motivation for all this Hillary-bashing? For one thing, Lewis argued, they “want a [close presidential] race. It's better for the ratings…They've also spent decades trying to tear the Clintons down, and rather than their perpetual failures inspiring them to contrition and self-reflection, they only make them burrow ever deeper into the fetid muck of their own febrile fantasies. They're not capable of discussing or analyzing detailed policy, and it infuriates them that the Clintons are capable and actually enjoy doing it.”

Lewis remarked that Hillary probably will win anyway, no thanks to the press (bolding added):

…The future of the country and the world are at stake, and the media don't care…No one is asking that the media skew their agenda to help [Hillary] win, but it would be nice if they would stop skewing their agenda to undermine her…

…Right now, the polls look very good, but that's primarily because the American people seem to be smarter and more responsible than the ostensible information gatekeepers…

We look likely to escape disaster this year, but the lesson is clear: If fascism ever does come to America, the media will be goose-stepping right in line.