AP Reporter: It's 'Media's Job' to Act As CNBC Panel Did in GOP Debate

October 29th, 2015 2:37 AM

Wednesday night, an Associated Press reporter told us that it's the press's job to ask "tough, impertinent" questions like the ones moderators at Wednesday night's CNBC-hosted Republican debate were asking.

Ken Dilanian, who is apparently the AP's Intelligence Writer — seriously — really needs to consult a dictionary before he makes such a complete fool of himself. Here is what Dilanian tweeted at 10:32 p.m.:


I looked at all the definitions of "tough" at dictionary.com and didn't see "stupid" in any of them. The questions CNBC's panel was asking before Ted Cruz deliciously dressed them down were predominantly just plain stupid.

As to "impertinent," Dilanian might want to know that it means: "1) intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions; insolently rude; uncivil; or 2) not pertinent or relevant; irrelevant."

So if he thinks the press's job is to ask stupid, rude and irrelevant questions, CNBC's panel members did a great job. Just look at how eminently stupid, rude and irrelevant these questions were.

If Ken Dilanian really thinks that it's his job to be stupid, rude, and irrelevant, for everyone's sake he needs to find another line of work — and fast.

As to his contention that "We do it to Dems as well" — when, if ever, in the past quarter-century, especially in regards to that party's presidential candidates and presidents, has anyone in the establishment press "done it"?

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