AP Negatively Characterizes Dr. Adrian Rogers After His Death

November 15th, 2005 2:10 PM

This morning while some in the mainstream media continued their attacks on Pat Robertson and conservatives the Associated Press joined in by characterizing the death of Dr. Adrian Rogers, one of the most loved and influential pastors in America, as one who led the “conservative takeover of the faith.”

The Associated Press also focused on what they (the media and liberals) see as a negative influence from Dr. Adrian Roger's life.

Rogers was elected president in 1979 as part of the conservative takeover of the convention.

His election turned out to a be a watershed moment for the denomination, and the 16-million-member group shifted dramatically to the right politically and theologically.

In the years that followed, conservative leaders pushed hard against abortion rights, homosexuality and women pastors.

On the other hand when The Baptist Press wrote of Dr. Adrian Rogers they said the following...

Adrian Rogers, the longtime pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in suburban Memphis and one of the fathers of the grassroots movement that brought the Southern Baptist Convention back to its biblical, historical roots, died Nov. 15. He was 74.


But Rogers may be best remembered for his leadership in what is commonly called the Conservative Resurgence, the movement in which Southern Baptists elected a series of conservative leaders in response to evidence of theological liberalism within the denomination's seminaries and entities.


Rogers, and the other conservative presidents that followed, promised to use their nominating powers to name only those who believed in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.

By leaving these facts out of the AP story the reader is led to believe that Dr. Adrian Rogers was just an intolerant bigot who opposed a women's right to choose, homosexuality and women's pastors. The reality is that Dr. Roger's held true to his calling to teach and preach the whole council of God's word which clearly condemns the practice of homosexuality, the murder of innocent blood and women in the role of pastor.