Corporate WHORES at ABC Devote 8 Minutes to Disney, Still Burying This Story

April 27th, 2022 2:54 PM

If you ever hear ABC News investigate some politician or organization for doing the bidding of corporate overlords, be sure and laugh. Because it’s hard to find journalists more compromised than those at Good Morning America. On Wednesday, they devoted a combined eight minutes and 24 seconds to shilling for corporate bosses Disney. 

At the same time, however, they have important, tragic stories, like the drowning of Army National Guardsman Bishop E. Evans. He drowned while heroically attempting to save migrants crossing the Rio Grande. ABC’s morning and evening newscasts devoted 20 seconds total since last Friday. 

Instead, GMA on Wednesday devoted three segments to promoting Disney cruises and one to promote the Disney movie Encanto. Take a look at this clip and see if you can figure out: News story or Disney PR? 



In February, ABC’s GMA (and other shows at the network) avoided the explosive allegations by John Durham about the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign spying on her opponent. Instead, the show devoted time to all things Disney: 



In 2020, ABC buried the scandal of Disney filming Mulan near a brutal Chinese concentration camp, despite repeatedly hyping the movies in the months before. 

Here’s the only coverage (all 20 seconds) so far of soldier Evans on Saturday’s Good Morning America. (The reporter is Whit Johnson.) 

And happening now, the search for a member of the Texas Army National Guard. The soldier disappeared while patrolling the Rio Grande Friday. Part of the state's operation crackdown on illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Witnesses reportedly say the soldier jumped into the river trying to save a migrant crossing into the U.S. but they never saw him come back. 

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