This Week in Media Bias History: Top 10 WORST of the WORST!

January 1st, 2019 10:00 AM

Every day in 2018, for 365 days, the Media Research Center's Rich Noyes brought you This Day in Media Bias History. Combing through the archives of the MRC, Noyes delivered the worst of the worst, the top examples of awful liberal media bias. 

Some examples include: A Boston Globe columnist spinning that Ted Kennedy would have helped Mary Joe Kopechne, if he hadn’t accidentally drowned her. Dan Rather suffering a meltdown as his 1988 ambush of then-Vice President George Bush Sr. failed. 

There’s also the Washington Post smearing Christians as “poor, uneducated, and easy to command.” Chris Matthews getting a “thrill” up his leg over Obama. Barack Obama suffering a demotion by “stepping down” into the White House. How about the Democrat being “sort of God”? 

Check out the top 10 "worst of the worst" below. Be sure and follow Noyes on Twitter. (To see full recaps of all 52 weeks, compiled in This Week in Media Bias History, go here.) 



January 5, 2003: 



January 25, 1988: 



January 29, 2015: 



February 1, 1993: 



February 12, 1993: 



February 20, 2009: 



June 5, 2009: 



September 19, 2005: 



October 23, 2001: 



November 4, 1994: