Liberal WashPost Endorsements: 6 to 1 in Favor of Democrats

November 8th, 2016 8:11 PM

Considering the liberal bias of the Washington Post, it's probably not shocking that the papers’s official endorsements for various offices include six total Democrats and just one Republican. Naturally, the paper endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. In Maryland, the Post gave the nod to four Democrats and no Republicans. For Congress, Anthony Brown, John Delaney and Jamie B. Raskin. In the Senate race, the editorial board chose Chris Van Hollen. 

In Virginia, the news outlet endorsed the liberal Don Beyer for Congress. The Post also came out in favor of a local meals tax of ten percent. For a token GOP endorsement, the paper managed to support Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. 

(Several of the nods came in previous weeks, but the paper restated them on Tuesday.)

In 2013, the Post endorsed Democrats in 20 out of 27 races. 

In 2009, the paper weighed in on 26 races and supported Democrats in 22 of them. 

For a frame of reference, the Post has never in its history endorsed a Republican presidential candidate. 

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