Bizarre Man [Update: Jake Byrd] Steals Show at O.J. News Conference

September 19th, 2007 12:33 PM

Video (2:26): Real (4.00 MB) and Windows (4.58 MB)

On Wednesday, all three cable networks broke from their regular coverage to feature a press conference with O.J. Simpson’s lawyers. Standing to the left of attorneys Yale Galanter and David Cook was a man wearing a hat reading "I [Heart] Famous People" and a shirt with Simpson’s picture and the words "O.J. ‘07." This unidentified individual created several "must-be-seen-to-be believed" moments. He constantly interrupted, offered high fives to the bewildered lawyers and generally seemed to be enjoying himself.

Update 13:35 | Matthew Sheffield. The man in the video seems to be one Tony Barbieri, a comedian with a character named Jake Byrd who loves to insert himself into live events such as his earlier attempt to free Paris Hilton.

Genuinely crazy people doing authentically bizarre stuff are so hard to find these days. Nonetheless, funny stuff!

Update 13:52 | Matthew Sheffield. Allahpundit notes that only MSNBC showed Barbieri's antics. FNC and CNN cut him out of their camera angles purposely or not.