GMA Weatherman Touts Celebrities at Green Party: ‘If There's No Nature, There's No Us’

February 22nd, 2007 3:43 PM

"Good Morning America" weatherman Sam Champion continued his promotion of left-wing environmental causes on Thursday. Champion, who has previously hosted a segment on whether "billions" will die from global warming, reported from Los Angeles to preview the upcoming Oscars.

He also highlighted a party being held by the climate change organization Global Green USA a group founded by the former Russian General Secretary, and noted Communist, Mikhail Gorbachev. And this isn’t the first time Champion has touted Global Green:

Sam Champion: "We are, again, inside the Academy headquarters, right where it all happens in Hollywood. And we wanted to tell you that it’s not just gold and red, the colors of Oscar this week, but there's another big color, and that's green. It’s eco-friendly green, environmental friendly green that's highlighted this week. Some celebrities are driving eco-friendly cars to the Oscars instead of limos, and by the way, there’s also a green carpet at the environmental group Global Green’s party last night. A lot of celebrities were there, and so were we."

Penelope Cruz: "It's something that where everyone can contribute."

Champion: "Oscar nominee Penelope Cruz is just one of the stars trading in the Oscar gold for a little green, to highlight one of Hollywood's hottest issues, global warming."

Celebrity #1 (not identified): "If there's no nature, there's no us."

Orlando Bloom: " It’s a legacy that’s going to be left behind for our children."

A short time later, Champion promoted all the great things being done at this trendy celebrity bash. On January 11, the ABC weatherman highlighted Global Green in a story on "sexy" green celebrities. He even featured a clip from the organization’s CEO, Matt Petersen. Petersen can be seen in the February 22 segment, which aired at 8:33am, as well:

Champion: "Now, all the celebs got to this green party in a green car. None of them are hotter though then this are hotter than this Tesla: All electric, that means zero emissions, and, believe it or not, zero to 60 in under four seconds. No gas guzzling limousines here, only the latest green machines."

Matt Petersen (CEO Global Green USA): "Our buildings and our transportation are two of the greatest contributors to global warming."

Champion: "Inside Global Green’s Oscar bash, a tribute to the Earth, served up with a call for action."

Celebrity #2: "It’s important for all of us, whatever level we’re at, individuals or politicians."

Champion: Okay. No one ever said sexy environmental car before, but that one, the Tesla, really and truly is."

In the future, it's probably fair to predict more environmental activism from GMA's weatherman.