FNC's Fox And Friends Use the Dreaded Word: "Illegal"

April 11th, 2006 6:01 PM

In light of CBS’s and CNN’s obvious pandering to left wing sensibilities on the illegal immigration issue, FNC’s Fox and Friends provided a welcome alternative. The April 11 edition of the show featured a interview with Pete Sepp, a spokesman for the National Taxpayers Union. Co-host E.D. Hill opened the segment this way:

"If a citizen fails to pay taxes, I mean, we’ve got a tax day coming along, say you don't feel like doing it this year, well what happens when the IRS comes, excuse me, where's that money? Well, what do you get charged with, what do you have to pay in terms of fines versus what an illegal alien would have to do?"

Consider the contrast: Just yesterday, April 10, Bob Schieffer refused to utter the word "illegal" while covering the story for the CBS Evening News. FNC co-host Brian Kilmeade provocatively asked Mr. Sepp, "How do illegal immigrants get away with it?"

In the segment, airing at 8:23AM EST, Sepp went on to explain that may illegal aliens-oops, undocumented workers- live completely underground and don’t report income. He went on to point out that Americans, if they were caught for doing the same thing, would face much stiffer penalties. Fox and Friends, it should be pointed out, has had pro-immigration officials, John McCain for example, on the show. And today they had a guest who brought up the negative side of illegal immigration. Keep that in mind the next time someone derisively refers to the Fox logo, "Fair and Balanced." Who’s fair and who isn’t?