CNBC Host Asks Jets Owner if He Knows Whether Tim Tebow is Still a Virgin

October 10th, 2012 3:40 PM

As far as Joe Kernen of CNBC's Squawk Box is concerned, the word 'virgin' and Tim Tebow  are synonomous. Apparently, there can be no conversation about Tebow without bringing it up in a mocking manner for what is essentially a deliberate and faith-based decision.

In an interview with New York Jets owner Woody Johnson on Wednesday morning, the conversation transitioned from politics to football. Co-host Becky Quick asked about the backup quarterback, wondering what the future may hold for him. As complimentary as he could be, Johnson was adamant that Tebow will be on the team for at least three seasons.

That's when Kernen perked up, posing an innappropriate question for the team's boss without a second thought. [ video below the page break, MP3 audio available here ]

Do you know, is he still a virgin? I mean, it's just uh, inquiring minds want to know... We ask the tough questions here on Squawk Box.

With no proper way of responding to the inquiry, much less knowing the answer -- Johnson simply said, "I don't really get into that." When pressed to elaborate, he concluded: "I know the ladies in your make up room really like him, I know that."

Knowing full well this topic should've never come up, an embarrassed Quick said, "I turned the same color as my dress." She was wearing red.

As Newsbusters has documented in the past, this isn't the first time an outspoken Christian athlete such as Tebow has faced this kind of mockery and it certainly won't be the last.