And She Wasn't Being Ironic

July 21st, 2005 11:38 AM

In an interview taped a couple of days ago but aired on this morning's (Thursday's) show, Katie Couric asked Bill Clinton whether he thought Executive Branch employees should be fired for any ethical lapse, whether or not it was criminal:

"President Clinton as you well know President Bush has been under fire recently because Karl Rove allegedly released the identity of a CIA agent to reporters. President Bush has said it's a fireable offense now if a crime was committed but in your view is the ethical violation enough to warrant dismissal?"

The funniest part -- Couric seemed oblivous to the irony of asking this question of Bill Clinton, the walking, talking poster boy of getting away with "ethical violations," and even perjury and obstruction of justice, because the media would let him get away with anything short of a criminal conviction.

As for Clinton, he had the temerity to tell Couric: "My view is we should wait until all the facts are in and the prosecutor makes whatever report he's gonna make," as if he and his cronies calmly and quietly waited for Ken Starr to finish his investigations before kicking up the political dust.