Even Trump-Hating Media Dump on Lincoln Project's Failed, LYING Tweet

August 24th, 2020 11:04 AM

As the 2020 campaign kicks into high gear, some people are going "over the top" and making serious mistakes. The Trump-hating ex-Republicans at the Lincoln Project posted a tweet that was so blatantly inaccurate, even Trump-bashing reporters ruled they were wrong on Twitter. They claimed someone in a Monday crowd listening to the president shouted out the word "Monkey" -- insert your racist tropes here -- but that wasn't even close. The person yelled "Spygate."

According to Sarah D. on Twitchy, many posters quickly disagreed with this smear.

It wasn’t long before several tweeters responded angrily: “This is false. He shouted ‘spygate.’”

People from The Daily Caller site echoed that sentiment: “Except for the fact that the person clearly yelled ‘spygate.’"

@TrumpWarRoom agreed:

Obama and Biden spied on the Trump campaign in 2016, and they got caught. "Spygate!" shouted an audience member. "Drain the swamp!"

Now the Democrats are doing something more dangerous: trying to steal the election with universal mail-in voting, which lends itself to fraud.

Jerry Dunleavy pointed out that as usual, the Lincoln Project stole the concept from Resistance Twitter:

AGHamilton29 noted that so-called fact-based journalists quickly retweeted, including Wajahat Ali, Mehdi Hasan, and Jonathan Capehart. 

But this lying tweet was so bad, liberals and leftists cried foul.

Aaron Rupar at Vox: “I don't think this is right. I went back and re-listened. The man yells "Spygate!" and then someone in the crowd says, ‘Sleepy Joe!’ That latter remark is the one Trump joked about.”

Ex-CNNer Peter Hamby found a middle ground when he tweeted: “guy says spygate not monkey, but this has 10K likes.”

Washington Post political writer Philip Bump agreed that Trump “said ‘spygate’ -- and the laughing was about someone else saying ‘Sleepy Joe.’"

Trump next got support from an unexpected source: Acosta-cloned CBS White House Correspondent Paula Reid, who noted:

My producer and I listened to the original audio with headphones on, and it actually sounds like this person is yelling “spygate,” but that doesn’t explain why Trump stopped, told him to be nice & made a joke about NC.

Seems like Trump may have heard something different ... .

Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner and a Fox News contributor, summarized the situation by posting: “We know some Dems appreciate Lincoln Project doing the dirty work. But must worry that they're out of control.”