Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean UNLEASHES on Andrew Cuomo, Liberal Media

May 19th, 2020 10:19 AM

While Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean is usually known for her sunny disposition, she has done her best this week to rain on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s parade. Dean is also pointing out how the mainstream media has been covering for the Democratic governor’s disastrous nursing home decision in New York. 

The reason for the torrent was that she learned her elderly in-laws had died due to complications from the coronavirus pandemic while being treated at long-term care facilities adhering to policies approved by Cuomo. 

Here's what the Fox News meteorologist tweted on Sunday: 



According to an article posted by Amanda Prestigiacomo, a reporter for the Daily Wire website, Dean also tweeted,

There are no words to explain how furious I am. … My husband [Sean Newman] is still grieving about the loss of his parents to this virus.

Both were in nursing/assisted-living homes. I’m trying to respect his wishes to not scream every day about this. But make no mistake; we want answers, and there’s no question their deaths were avoidable.

Prestigiacomo also noted that those locations are “where the virus is far and away most deadly. Cuomo only reversed the policy on May 10, after thousands of deaths, including Dean’s in-laws.” Additionally, the reporter stated, “Cuomo is taking heat following an admission from the New York Health Department of undercounting nursing home deaths, only enhancing the scandal."

According to Dean, her family wasn’t aware her father-in-law died from coronavirus until they saw it on his death certificate.

The weather forecaster “hit the governor for skirting blame for his policies when he suggested Sunday that elderly people 'are going to die from this virus’ no matter what action he took.” “Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus,” Cuomo stated. “That is going to happen despite whatever you do.”

Dean responded:

Translation: "Not my fault even though I approved the order that recovering coronavirus patients could go back into nursing and assisted-living homes."

And then it spread like wildfire to the most vulnerable people that we are supposed to be protecting.

A few days earlier, Dean tweeted this: 



“Can you imagine how much press the nursing home tragedy here in New York City would be getting if @NYGovCuomo was a Republican?” she asked. “It would be on every single channel and newspaper. (And yes, if he was a Republican, I’d be just as furious.).”

Reacting to a message from Cuomo about showing “respect” by wearing a mask, Dean wrote they have to: “because of your poor leadership.” At one point, she added: “[G]lad you were able to zoom your mom on Mother’s Day. My husband couldn’t. He lost his mom and dad to COVID.