AP's Pace: 'Confusing' Why Hunter Biden Was on Ukraine Company Board

October 15th, 2019 3:03 PM

On Monday’s edition of the noontime Inside Politics program on CNN, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief used an odd phrase to describe Hunter Biden's exploitation of his father's last name to make money in foreign countries like Ukraine and China. She called it "confusing." 

Fill-in host Nia-Malika Henderson noted Hunter Biden recently announced he would step down from any role in his private equity firm if his father is elected president next year. Pace responded by stating:

JULIE PACE: And you sort of wonder why it's taken the Biden campaign a couple of weeks to get to that place.I remember, I was covering the Obama administration in the second term when this happened, and it was confusing why Hunter Biden was on the board of this company at the same time that his father was active in Ukraine policy.It doesn't mean that there was corruption. It doesn't mean that there was anything illegal about it, but certainly, the optics of it didn't look good.

After reporters robotically repeated that there's "no evidence the Bidens did anything wrong," Hunter Biden has pledged to stop sleazily buckraking on his name in foreign countries. Reporters now say it's "confusing" he didn't stop earlier...as if reporters had been tough on this over the last five years?

With that in mind, Pace added: “[I]t is going to be really interesting to see how other Democratic candidates grapple with that issue. Do they want to take Biden head-on on that,” she continued, “or do they to their numerous points there, try to keep the focus on Donald Trump?”

It came as no surprise that Rachael Bade, a Congressional reporter for the Washington Post, had a quick response. If the Democrats “go after Biden on this, I mean, they’re basically helping Trump.” Bade stated. “If Biden is the nominee,” she noted, “they’re going to be on stage, on camera [and] potentially a GOP campaign ad a few months down the line, attacking their own potential nominee on this.”

This might explain why the media's "ethics police" are sitting around the donut shop on this one, saying "no evidence" to each other.

As NewsBusters reported more than a year ago, Pace sided with the accusers of then-Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. For anyone to question her timing was "pretty inappropriate,” she stated.

Two years earlier, Pace had slammed President Trump’s decision to fire James Comey since the FBI director was “a man willing to challenge -- in dramatic fashion -- the institutions created to hold the president accountable.”