Ben Shapiro Hammers ‘Brave’ MTV for Mocking Trump to Fellow Liberals

August 21st, 2018 5:47 PM

During a visit on Tuesday's Fox & Friends, Daily Wire editor-in-chief and conservative podcast host Ben Shapiro slammed the celebrities who criticized President Trump during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) the night before.

Shapiro began sarcastically: “So much courage! You know how much courage it takes to be in Los Angeles in front of a group of cheering people who hate President Trump and chat about how terrible Trump is and how terrible the wall is?



He also joked:

The levels of courage, it exceeds Normandy!

It's just incredible … to watch all of these brave and courageous individuals -- who earn millions of dollars selling records to millions of Americans -- talk about leftist politics in front of other leftists cheering who will undoubtedly congratulate them at the after-parties where they get thousands of dollars of swag.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade then asked about the participation by Kevin Hart, an African-American comedian who had been hailed as the “anti-Kathy Griffin” because he had refused to slam the GOP occupant of the White House even after the red-haired commedienne hammered him as making a “p*ssy move.”

“He's in New York City,” the co-host noted, “and he’s gone out of his way to be one of the most successful comedians and entertainers in the country. And every time someone tries to get him politically, he always backed off. He said: ‘I want to be positive.’”

"What happened?” the co-host inquired. “What do you think changed? Do you think he was winging it? To me, that seemed very intentional.”

“No,” the conservative guest replied before stating that Hart’s change was “definitely intentional” and a “virtue signal to all the people in the Hollywood community and the New York community that ‘I'm anti-Trump.’

Shapiro also noted that Donald Trump “has basically become the moral litmus test for a lot of folks on the Left and on the [West] Coast.”

“Which is why Michael Avenatti” -- the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels who has appeared on cable news channels an excessive number of times -- “showed up a the VMAs yesterday,” the guest noted.

“I wouldn't count him out as a presidential contender in 2020 for the Democrats,” Shapiro asserted, “simply because he fires up their base, and the only thing that unifies the Democrats right now, apparently, is hatred of the president.”

“Well,” co-host Steve Doocy noted, “there’s plenty of that to go around.”

“Certainly,” Shapiro agreed. “And again, the VMAs, it just demonstrates the elitist nature of the Democratic Party and the elitist nature of the Left right now.”

He continued:

All the people in the middle of the country who are worried about their jobs and are worried about manufacturing or are worried about issues in their towns and that are being scorned by the folks on the coast, they are not looking at that with the sort of kind eye that Democrats think they are.

Hillary Clinton tried this in 2016 by trotting out [actress and producer] Lena Dunham at the DNC. It didn't work then, but Democrats seem to be doubling down on what took them there.

During the Conservative Political Action Conference in late February, Shapiro attacked political correctness on college campuses, in Hollywood and, of course, the liberal media, whom he referred to as “vile human beings” who are “intentionally dividing the country in order to promulgate a gun-control agenda.”

Nothing creates more fear in liberals than an intelligent conservative. That is why so many colleges won’t let him speak on campus and why so many conservatives consider Shapiro a hero when it comes to telling the truth.