What's This? CNN Reveals Joe Biden Hypocrisy on Social Security and Entitlements

March 30th, 2023 8:51 PM

Sunday and Tuesday were among the very rare occasions when CNN actually criticized Joe Biden. And since this is CNN, you need to put on your political green eyeshades to read more deeply into why the criticisms of Biden which almost never happened since Biden was nominated for president in 2020.

It could have something to do with the fact that Biden has been declining to such an extent that one could read tea leaves and wonder if the mainstream media now feels compelled to keep him from running in 2024 to prevent an electoral disaster for the Democrats next year.

On Sunday, CNN's Andrew Kaczynski appeared on Inside Politics to report on Biden's hypocrisy in slamming Republicans for the same Social Security and entitlement cuts he had previously recommended.


Kaczynski followed up this theme with Em Steck on Tuesday in a CNN article, "Joe Biden attacks Republicans for positions he once held about Social Security."

President Joe Biden and the White House have attacked Republicans in recent months for positions the president himself once held on Social Security and entitlement programs including sunset bills and raising the retirement age, a CNN KFile review of Biden’s record shows.

...Biden first introduced a proposal in 1975 that would have ceased funding all federal programs – including Social Security and Medicare – unless they were reauthorized by Congress. In fact, Biden’s bill was the first so-called federal sunset bill, something the president later boasted about in his 1978 Senate reelection campaign.

Biden has also attacked Republicans, saying congressional Republicans want to cut the two entitlement programs and raise the retirement age to 70. The White House vowed to not support any increase in the retirement age in any future negotiations with Republicans even though Biden himself once proposed raising the retirement age as life expectancy went up.

The article goes on for many more paragraphs to point out that Biden is quite the hypocrite for slamming Republicans for wanting to make the same revisions in Social Security and entitlement programs that he also wanted to make.

This article is a big plus for CNN since it allows them to counter charges of political favoritism by showing that they also criticized Biden. Of course, the big tell would be if they are able to criticize Biden after he announces he is running again if that happens. Before the previous general election YouTube not only allowed but encouraged via their algorithm videos pointing out creepy Biden interactions. However, the moment that it looked like Biden would receive the 2020 presidential nomination, YouTube cracked down on all videos critical of Biden's creepy antics by demonetizing them.

Will CNN also follow this pattern of criticizing Biden now in the hopes that he doesn't run again but stop all such criticism if he decides to pursue the nomination?