Washington Post Speed Slams Iowa Governor Chosen to Deliver GOP Response to SOTU

February 24th, 2022 3:00 PM

Give Washington Post reporter Amy B. Wang credit for being very speedy --  specifically in writing up a slam of a Republican. At just after high noon on Tuesday, it was announced that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds would deliver the Republican response to Joe Biden's State Of The Union address on March 1 and just a little over an hour later at 1:27 PM EST, Yang had completed her article on Reynolds along with the requisite slams. 

The first of Yang's attacks on Reynolds was about her COVID-19 policies:

Iowa was one of the few states not to issue stay-at-home orders at the beginning of the pandemic. Reynolds did not implement statewide mask mandates in Iowa until November 2020, then lifted them — along with many other coronavirus restrictions — last February, without explanation and earlier than many other states.

Perhaps Yang missed the reports that lockdowns have very little effect. As to masks, we already know that cloth masks are not effective in stopping the transmission of COVID.

The other big Yang slam against Reynolds was because she "railed" against critical race theory. Yang used the recycled lame leftist talking points to pretend that CRT is merely an analysis by legal scholars in higher education and is not taught in public schools...even though it is:

Like many other GOP officials, Reynolds also has railed against critical race theory, an academic framework for examining systemic racism typically used by legal scholars that Republicans have seized on to mean any education about racism or diversity training. Last June, Reynolds signed a law targeting the teaching of critical race theory in Iowa’s schools and government training programs, calling it “discriminatory indoctrination.”

Nice touch with that "Republicans seized" bit. It seems to be the new replacement for the "Republicans pounced" routine which became so overused it turned into a laughable cliché.