Leftist 'Journalist' Interviewed by Anderson Cooper Arrested for Capitol Rioting

January 15th, 2021 6:04 PM

On January 6, after the rioting in the Capitol building, Anderson Cooper interviewed a leftist "journalist," John Sullivan, who was filming the scene when Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed. Conveniently not mentioned by Cooper during the interview was the fact that Sullivan had been arrested the previous July for rioting and making threats in Provo, Utah. Somehow this important fact, which would have put Sullivan's background in the proper perspective, was skipped although CNN seemed to know enough about Sullivan to identify him as the founder of far left Insurgence USA in its transcript.

Here is Cooper's interview with Sullivan, who has now been arrested by the FBI for rioting at the Capitol on January 6.



ANDERSON COOPER: Two -- or two people who were there joining us now documentary filmmaker, Jade Sacker and left-wing activist John Sullivan. John you film this moment on your phone, just -- can you describe what happened?

JOHN SULLIVAN, FOUNDER, INSURGENCE USA: Yes, so basically all the protesters kind of stormed to get into the chamber we tried to get into like the main entrance, right when you walk down the hallway. But that being said, nobody was able to get it because there's two guards refusing to move. People there we're not really wanting to hurt the police.

If CNN knew enough about Sullivan to identify him a the founder of Insurgence USA then it is absurd to believe that they did not know about his Provo arrest which was prominently reported in the Deseret News on July 10 last year:

One of the organizers of a protest in Provo that resulted in a motorist being shot was arrested on Thursday. John Earle Sullivan, 25, of Sandy, was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of rioting, making a threat of violence and criminal mischief.

On June 29, a group calling itself Back to Blue planned to drive around the Provo Police Department and honk their horns to show support for law enforcement.

Another group planned a counterprotest at the same time and place. On Facebook, its event page was originally titled End Police Brutality but was later changed to Marching for Racial Equality. The Facebook pages listed the event’s hosts as the groups Insurgence, Solidarity for Justice, Salt Lake Equal Rights Movement and the Salt Lake Antifascist Coalition.

Sullivan is part of the Insurgence USA group, according to a police affidavit.

It is therefore not very surprising that this "journalist" has now been arrested for very similar activity at the Capitol that CNN somehow overlooked although his organization appears in the report of Sullivan's Provo arrest.

John Sullivan can allegedly be heard egging on protesters in video he provided to the FBI, according to a federal criminal complaint. He has also shared the video to his YouTube and Twitter accounts under the pseudonym Jayden X.

He was charged Thursday in federal court in Washington after being arrested by the FBI. He remains in custody in Tooele County, in his home state of Utah, on a U.S. Marshals Service hold request.

...Inside the building, he told rioters that "We got to get this s--- burned," and "it’s our house m------------," according to an affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent Matthew Foulger.

He faces federal charges of civil disorder, entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct.

...As protesters climbed over a wall near the Capitol entrance, he allegedly exclaimed in the video, "You guys are f------ savage. Let’s go!"

"There are so many people," Sullivan’s voice can be heard saying as the camera shows a large group of people making its way toward the building. "Let’s go. This s--- is ours! F-- yeah. I can’t believe this is reality."

"We accomplished this s---," he said at another point "We did this together. F--- yeah! We are all a part of this history."

...While he has denied ties to Antifa, or anti-fascists, in recent interviews, his group Insurgence USA had advertised an event called "Kick These Fascists out of DC" on Wednesday around the same time as a pro-Trump rally near the National Mall that preceded the Capitol chaos.

As of this writing, no report from CNN about the arrest for rioting of the "journalist" they prominently featured on Anderson Cooper. Similarly, the Washington Post has also failed to report on Sullivan's latest arrest despite the fact they used him as a named source in their January 8 article about the Ashli Babbitt shooting.