MSNBC: Kamala Harris Will Seek Vengeance Upon 'Ba'ath Party' Trump Supporters

August 13th, 2020 5:05 PM

If you are concerned about the possibility of angry Democrats seeking vengeance upon Trump supporters if they return to power in the White House, the words of MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson are not exactly reassuring. In fact he almost guarantees political purges by Kamala Harris who he claims will look into every facet of government to see out anybody who supported Trump and purge them from office. Johnson even went so far as to claim that judges appointed by Trump would be impeached.

After a brief setup on Morning Joe by Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday's Morning Joe about Kamala Harris being "deeply immersed in the law," Johnson launched into  his vendetta shtick to be carried out by Joe Biden's running mate.



JASON JOHNSON: Someone, once Biden takes office, is going to be tasked with going through this entire administration with a fine-tooth comb, and basically, expunging all of the Trumpists, like getting rid of the Ba'ath Party in Iraq. Like, somebody’s got to go through and find all of these incompetent, unqualified, corrupt, white nationalist-supporting people that Trump has burrowed into our State Department, burrowed into our Justice Department.

And I think Senator Harris would be fantastic at finding those people and removing them. Because she will have the skill set to not only get rid of the officials and the bureaucrats, she can help us impeach some of these judges, these underqualified judges that Donald Trump has managed to push in.

So, according to Johnson, in a Joe Biden administration being a judge appointed by Trump would be an impeachable offense. Welcome to the Brave New World many liberals are desperately hoping will happen with Kamala Harris leading the political persecution charge.