Top Google Image Searches for Scott Adams Turn Him Into a Nazi

December 14th, 2018 1:48 PM

Imagine looking at the Google Images search engine results for yourself and see that among the first ten images to pop up is you dressed as a Nazi, even though you never wore such garb. You might know how Dilbert creator Scott Adams felt when he saw such photoshopped images of himself appear as images #4 and #7 (as of this writing) in Google Images

The normally mild mannered Adams was understandably quite upset over this in his Thursday Periscope and YouTube video especially since the images were linked to a fake Twitter account that has already been taken down as well as to a website that can no longer be found. So how did the Google algorithms work to feature those two images so prominently? Adams suspects that it was political animus against him, not algorithms, that caused the prominence of the offensive pictures in Google Images.

As you will see, Adams gave Google a deadline to remove those offensive images. 



So you know that Google was recently called in front of Congress to ask about among other things their bias in terms of being anti-conservative. You may or may not know that I'm not a conservative but I talk about President Trump all the time and I guess that's enough.

If you don't denounce Trump while talking about him, that's apparently enough to be smeared by Google as we shall see.

If you go to Google right now and you google my name, do you know what comes up? Well, I'll show it to you. So there's several pictures here on this little slider. ...The first three are just ordinary pictures but the fourth and the fifth are photoshopped pictures of me wearing Nazi uniform. Now these are real pictures that people have memed up on Twitter and somewhere else but here's the thing, if you click through to those pictures they are the least smallest, most minor mention of me compared to everything I've been doing for years.

But since you are perceived as being favorable towards Trump, that opens you up for the Google smear.

Is there any chance in the whole F---ING world that Google is not trying to ruin my life? Am I overreacting? is there even the smallest chance that Google isn't trying to F--- my whole life right in public? Now I'm open to the possibility that this is accidental. But I don't think so and don't you think I need an explanation from Google? Perhaps their CEO.

I don't know if it legally crosses any line for defamation or anything else but if it doesn't go away in a week or so, I'll give them some time I'm sure people there must be Google people watching this. If it doesn't go away I'm going to react.

He added: 

If it doesn't change, don't I have to assume that it's intentional and malicious and that one of the biggest companies in the world has targeted me personally for destruction?

What's Google's response to this? Stay tuned.