CNN's Unhinged Philip Mudd Snarls 'Dirtbag' at Trump

April 12th, 2018 3:58 PM

Can anybody remember a time in the past year when CNN's counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd did not become completely unhinged? When he isn't hurling racial epithets around he has threatened harm upon President Donald Trump. In his latest madman incarnation, Mudd shocked even the CNN Newsroom host John Berman on Thursday morning by snapping that Trump is a "dirtbag." 

While watching the following video, just note the absolute hate that seems to pour out of not only Mudd's snarling mouth but also his eyes, the very windows to a seemingly twisted soul:

JOHN BERMAN: “Late last night, the president really, really wanted people to watch Fox News. So much so that he tweeted over 50.4 million of his Twitter followers to tune in. Minutes later, probably not coincidentally, Sean Hannity said this.”

[clip starts]

SEAN HANNITY: “Look at the Mueller crime family. And, of course, we are now on day 329 of the Mueller witch hunt and there’s still zero evidence of collusion. And then look at Mueller’s merry band of Democratic donors. Couldn’t find one Trump supporter to work on the special counsel case? Take a look at the side of your screens. Tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. Not a single penny to Donald Trump.”

[clip ends]

Here's some context: Hannity's remarks about the "Mueller crime family" were obviously a reaction to former FBI Director James Comey calling President Trump a "mob boss" on Wednesday. In fact, Comey's charge was even carried by CNN:

Washington (CNN)---During his first sit-down interview since being fired last year, former FBI Director James Comey reportedly compared President Donald Trump to a "mob boss."

Now, let us return to the interview where Mudd almost predictably loses his marbles yet again:

BERMAN: “Joining me now, Mark Preston, CNN’s senior political analyst, and Phil Mudd, CNN counterterrorism analyst with a career in the FBI and the CIA. Phil, if I can, I want to get your reaction to Sean Hannity calling Robert Mueller a crime boss?”

PHILIP MUDD: “Well, I spent four and a half years by Robert Mueller. This is a storied prosecutor. One of the most legendary FBI directors. Spent 12 years as an FBI director for both President Bush and President Obama. A decorated military veteran, being compared to a crime boss, when he’s investigating a man who bragged about his genitalia during a campaign, who lied about the Obama birth certificate during the campaign and said so, who’s press secretary lied within 24 hours of getting into the White House, who lied about the Trump Towers being wired, who’s got, what, 17, 18 women — I lost the number of fingers to count on how many women who have said something do — who said he did something inappropriate, who’s advisers have quit because they lied to federal investigators about everything from financial fraud to their involvement with the Russian ambassador. So you’ve got that dirtbag telling me that one of the most storied FBI directors ever is a crime boss? You put them side by side and you tell me what we got here, John. Facts are facts. Robert Mueller’s an American legend. The president is a dirtbag. I mean, I don’t know what to tell you, I’m so pissed off. I spent four years with Mueller. He’s a great guy.”

At this point, a shocked Berman interrupted Mudd's lunacy stream. After that interruption, Mudd then continued back on his unhinged track.

BERMAN: “Well, I should say, Phil, you know, your statement there is about the president of the United States. That’s a remarkable statement or a notable statement from someone who worked for the government.”

MUDD: “Oh, come on, John, he spoke about his genitalia.”

To understand the depths of Mudd's fanatical hate, and why he should never be allowed anywhere near the President without going through a metal detector at least twice followed by a thorough cavity search, take a look at his assassination threat from last year.

(h/t: Grabien)