Angry Sally Field Joins Twitter to Find Out Why People Voted for Trump

December 3rd, 2016 4:27 PM

A really really angry Sally Field announced on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show on Thursday that she joined Twitter in order to understand why people voted for Donald Trump. As you can see in Chelsea's tweet video below, Field is not only clueless as to why Trump won the election but has no real understanding of how our federal Constitution works. 


I want to know what other people are thinking. I want to know why they voted for this man who does not stand for anything and has no real evidence. There is no evidence. If you look at his past, if you look at his history, there is no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he’s going to do. Not one single thing.

Wow! So after starting out seeming to seek some sort of understanding of why voters supported Trump, Field quickly plunges into a mood of extreme bitterness as you can tell from her voice and angry demeanor. And she is just getting warmed up as she then turns her clueless wrath on our electoral system designed by the Constitution:

I don’t think that all the people that voted for him are bad and horrible people, I just don’t understand it. But that even being said...the popular vote...this is why I'm on Twitter. I don't understand when they call this a democracy and yet the people are not getting the representation that they voted for.

So on November 9 Sally Field, posting with the Twitter handle of @realmommagump began her journey to supposedly seek out answers...but with a huge angry liberal chip on her shoulder:



What now? Apparently, for the embittered Sally Fields, NOT accepting the election results.


In fact, poor Sally has gone so over the edge she may never sleep again:



On November 16, Sally becomes even more amusingly unhinged by her plea to the Electoral College to vote for Hillary:



Oh, and yet another Sally Field encore of failing to understand the Constitution:



Exit question: Would you rate the chances of Sally Field appearing at the Trump Inaugural Ball as the Flying Nun at somewhere between nil and none?