Daily Beast Writer Conjures Up Racism in Trump-Pence Logo

July 16th, 2016 7:44 PM


Yes you really have to stretch to find any hint of racism in the new Trump-Pence logo. Take a look at the logo below and see if you can find it? No? Are you scratching your heads over in bewilderment as to how anybody could detect the slightest bit of racism in the logo? Well, you're not Daily Beast writer Olivia Nuzzi who somehow saw the link between that logo and the logo of a racist organization.

Still scratching your heads? Okay, in her tweet below you can see what Olivia Nuzzi saw that apparently the rest of the world overlooked.


WOW! What an amazing similarity! The colors of both logos are red, white, and blue. Of all the colors out there what is the possibility of that happening? In addition the cross piercing the letter N in the first logo is so close (in her mind) to the Trump T going through the letter P in the second logo. How often do you see letters crossing each other in logos? Apparently you would think this happens incredibly rarely if you have the mindset of Olivia Nuzzi.

Finally one logo is round and the other is rectangular in shape. Key word is "shape" since that is something else they have in common.

Of course, Nuzzi's "discovery" has attracted widespread mockery on twitter as you can see in these reactions:

Have you guys ever seen "The American flag" ?

Whoa, check this out:
On the left: Nuzzi
On the right: Nazi

It is interesting how sometimes you can put two images that look very different from each other next to each other.


Red, White and Blue. What a bizarre/uncommon colour configuration for flags and badges. Can't be coincidence.

The latest word is that the Trump-Pence campaign has changed their logo (probably due to proximity of T & P, not because of imagined racism). We now await Olivia Nuzzi's observation of how the new logo is also racist.