Daily Kos Comedically Infected With Impeachment Fever

May 13th, 2007 6:14 PM

The closer we get to the end of President Bush's term, the more desperate the left is becoming for his impeachment. The topic of impeachment has always been a background buzz for the past few years in the leftwing blogosphere but recently it has reached fever pitch probably due to the fact that the clock is running out on Bush's term in office. As a result, the left is working itself into a frenzy to achieve impeachment with often comedic results. Such was the case last Tuesday in a Daily Kos thread demanding to Impeach Rove, so that he can never be pardoned. Of course, Karl Rove, not having an official position as defined in the constitution, has as much chance of being constitutionally impeached as your gardener or cable guy. However this did not stop the Daily Kos nutroots from fantasizing about a Rove impeachment:

Impeach them all. Let the Senate sort it out.

Rove has not been acting like a mere appointed official. That should cost him.

If he thinks of himself as an official sort of personage, let him accept the consequences of said ofice. Well worth looking at! Certainly can't hurt to try and if it gives him a sleepless night, then bring it on!

impeachment from the bottom up isn't a bad idea. pick off the low hanging fruit, and use the information gained in those trials to move on to the next rung of the ladder. 

Something, anything to permanently wipe the greasy smirk off that porcine face of Rove is fair game to me.

The impeachment of Karl Rove is but the prelude for the BIG EVENT for the Daily Kos moonbats. It is really the impeachment of President Bush they are after. One "little problem" is that in the long Daily Kos thread posted on Saturday titled, Impeach! It's Now Or Never, not one specific legal charge to initiate impeachment is even mentioned.

The Time Is Now to YELL as we have never yelled before, it is what we do, it is our role, it is what we are damned good at.....Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.

I'm unsure who gets impeached first, I think maybe Cheney, and then after Rice gets fired, and Gonzales indicted, it will turn into one of those horror films where things get really bloody around that old house on the hill.

I'm trying to use the word Impeachment at least once per to someone I've not mentioned it before! I bring it up in the checkout line at the grocery store, at the bank, at the gas station, where ever there are people around! Just one new person everyday, that's all I ask!! Of course, if you want to mention it to 100 or more... that's okay too!!!

Impeachment has learned to stand up and is now walking about the house and even climbing up on the furniture. Pretty soon it will be going to school and then to work. Its got a band beginning to warm up and when they play the time is right for dancin in the streets...yeah

We gotta first have an impeachment warm-up act; that would be the summer impeachment trial of Gonzales.

I'm not afraid of saying I want revenge.

Impeachment MEANS investigating - that is how the case is made. Anyone who says we have to have the facts first doesnt get it.

This is but a small sampling of the Daily Kos Impeachment Comedy Act. To be fully entertained by their impeachment fever/fervor, you can read a much larger sampling of Daily Kos lunacy on this topic at the DUmmie FUnnies.