MSM Remarkably Incurious About Mystery Blog

October 5th, 2006 1:26 PM

Somehow a blog manages to scoop the ABC Brian Ross story about the Mark Foley page scandal by five days and yet the MSM remains remarkably incurious about that blog, Stop Sex Predators. So how did a relatively unknown blog come to be the recipient of messages from House pages complaining about Foley? If you read the MSM you will get very little information about this. However, in the October 1 edition of The American Thinker, Washington, D.C. attorney Clarice Feldman posted an excellent article, Foley and the Blame Game, that poses questions that the MSM still refrains from trying to find the answers to:

In July a blog appeared, designed it said to trace sex predators. Few posts were made in that month or the following month. All recounted years old stories. Then on September 18, the blog printed the fairly innocuous email exchange between Congressman Foley and an unnamed page. In this correspondence initiated by the former page, Foley asks the former page how he is after Katrina (the boy lived in Louisiana) and asked for a photo. Thus began the latest political kerfuffle which swirls through the final five weeks of the campaign. How likely is it that this site with virtually no readership , few posts and hardly any history or posts of interest suddenly receives this bombshell? I’d say slight. About as likely as Lucy Ramirez handing Burkett Bush’s TANG papers.

CNN did do a blog report about how a small blog could get the scoop on a blockbuster story but still leaves the readers scratching their heads by the end of their story, Mysterious blog scooped media on Foley messages:

So how did a relatively new blog that saw little to no Web traffic before last week suddenly receive those e-mails? Bloggers are wondering the same thing, suggesting that that the site was created by somebody in possession of the e-mails who wanted to shop them around.

However, the identity of the site's owner remains a mystery. Though the site posted the e-mails before the ABC News report, the site does not appear to be that news organization's original source.

...The owner of Stop Sex Predators responded to CNN inquires from an anonymous e-mail address posted on the Web site.

"My plans are to remain anonymous for the foreseeable future," the Web site's owner wrote in an e-mail. "I've been getting threats from folks and will no longer allow the posting of comments on the website. I can't believe the anger out there for exposing a hypocritical sex predator."

Apparently CNN, after shedding some light on the mystery, does not attempt to even try to connect the dots and leaves the reader wondering over how this mystery blog was able to scoop ABC News on the Foley scandal. Another big piece of this blog puzzle is a thread in the Daily Kos September 24 edition, Congressman Mark Foley Emails to Intern. This post, linking to Stop Sex Predators, was made by WHInternNow who appears to also be the author of that blog. Meanwhile, the MSM seems more interested in hounding House Speaker Dennis Hastert than in finding out how an obscure blog could scoop ABC news on this story.

The DUmmie FUnnies has covered in detail the September 24 Daily Kos thread posting by the apparent author of the "mystery blog."

Update 14:37 by Matthew Sheffield. The author/authors of Stop Sex Predators has posted this message:

Maybe I'm not so happy that so many people are coming to this blog site.

I'm not interested in media interviews. Thank you for your interest, but if you were doing your job to begin with, Mark Foley would have been exposed a long time ago. Instead of wanting to do a story about this blog, how about covering the fact that the media sat on this story for over a year. You're as bad as the Congressional Leadership that covered for Foley.

In case you didn't notice, all of the comments on the blog are gone? Wonder why? Because there are so many awful people out there. I started getting threats, so I decided that if somebody was going to threaten me, they were going to have to email me directly. So, they have continued to do so. There is no logical reason for someone to be so angry. I understand that the ramifications of these emails is far and wide. Much farther than I could ever have imagined. Regardless, think about how awareness has been raised. are the answers to some questions that have been posed. I am not Karl Rove, Mark Foley, or John Boehner. I am not employed in Democratic politics. I am not 'funded' by George Soros. I'm nobody that anybody should care about. So, please, go about your day as if I don't exist. If you have something that needs to be posted on this site, please let me know.

I believe we have some very Clintonian word parsing going on here, folks. Stop Sex Predators claims not to be employed in Democratic politics but does not say he/she never was employed by Democrats. Add to that the fact that SSP's scoop was almost immediately posted on the liberal Daily Kos blog (a site no Republican can stomach for more than a few moments) and it makes you wonder: did the mysterious blogger formerly work for Democrats?