Left-Wing Blogosphere up in Arms Over 'The Path To 9/11'

September 7th, 2006 10:35 AM

The Daily Kos is currently in an uproar over ABC's The Path To 9/11 as you can see in the current edition of the DUmmie FUnnies. Their big objection to this movie is the portrayal of the Clinton administration not taking the terrorist threat seriously. Well, guess who recently wrote off the terrorist threat as nothing but a bunch of Republican fear mongering? The Daily Kos. Here is a sampling of their "What, Me Worry" postings on the topic of terrorism:

That "Fear" thing you've been peddling for the past five years? Over with. Done. That is, like, sooo 20 minutes ago. Pre-9/12 mindset, and all that. That Dog Don't Hunt. That ship has sailed. It's not playing in Peoria. You might be sellin', but we're not buyin'.

What do they think - we're kids at a magic show or something, f'cryin' out loud? "Ooh, Look over here! No, no! - not over there - over here, over HERE! Ooh, look, here's a BOOGEYMAN!"

They're telling you scary campfire stories so you'll cower in your tent all night instead of coming out to see how beautiful the stars are, and to listen to the quiet of the forest.

I ain't scared of nobody's Al Quaida. It frankly doesn't even cross my mind.

I have never been afraid of the maybe 1234 terrorists who really want to kill me. I have been more afraid of the effects of fear.

You can see much more of the "What, Me Worry?" attitude towards terrorism on the part of the Daily Kos Kossacks in the August 18 edition of the DUmmie FUnnies. It highlights the hypocrisy of their outrage over the portrayal of the Clinton Administration not being properly concerned over the terrorist threat and their own non-concern over that same threat.

Meanwhile the Democratic Underground is so desperate to dictate their version of 9/11 events that they have proposed sending out "Google Bombs". Here is how they plan to ensure that they control what surfers Googling this movie title see:

To counteract the effects the ABC 9-11 movie could have on the midterm elections, I recommend this course of action:

The night of, and the morning after, people will be hitting the internet looking for information on the events as depicted in this movie.

Our biggest opportunity will be to have nearly identical blog posts waiting, then submit them to be found internet wide the morning after the movie. Google and Technorati will pick up on these posts quickly. We can make these entries dominate the first several pages of the search engines.


UPDATE: Brit Hume has reported on this "Google Bomb" attack on his Fox News Special Report. To watch this report, go to his Special Report Page then click on "Watch the Grapevine" and then select the 9/7 report.