HuffPo Mocks GOP Congresswoman, Mixes Video of Her with Movie Orgasm

July 2nd, 2012 2:02 PM

The Huffington Post decries attacks on women – at least, those it agrees with. But the outlet has no problem with sexually sliming conservative women.  

The Huffington Post created a video mixing scenes of Republican congresswoman Jean Schmidt celebrating initial, inaccurate reports that Supreme Court struck down the individual mandate with the iconic orgasm scene from the movie “When Harry Met Sally.”

Huffington Post writer Mark Hanrahan called Schmidt’s celebration “ear-splitting, primal joy,” and continued the innuendo by writing: “Schmidt then informed bystanders that the individual mandate was struck down before letting slip a final, passionate "YES!"

The hypocrisy of the Huffington Post is breathtaking. The outlet reacted with righteous indignation when Rush Limbaugh demeaned Sandra Fluke by calling her a slut on his radio program. But when presented with the opportunity to sexually attack a conservative congresswoman, the Huffington Post gleefully obliged. 

Many liberals have no problem sliming conservative women, viewing them as sex objects. The Culture and Media Institute has documented a host of instances where liberals have viciously attacked conservative female politicians and writers with disgusting sexual innuendo.

The Huffington Post and other liberal outlets often whine about a supposed conservative “war on women.” Perhaps they should remove the plank in their own eye before playing the “conservatives hate women” card.