Chris Matthews Edits George Will to Make it Appear He Compared Bridgegate to Watergate

January 13th, 2014 9:34 PM

As NewsBusters has been reporting, the Hillary Clinton-loving media are doing almost back-breaking contortions to make the recent Bridgegate scandal completely destroy Governor Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.) presidential ambitions.

Obviously doing his part Monday was MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who selectively edited comments George Will made on Fox News Sunday to make it appear that the syndicated columnist was actually comparing Bridgegate to Watergate (multipart video follows with transcripts and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Meanwhile, yesterday in fact, conservative columnist George F. Will compared the latest scandal to Watergate. Let's listen to George.


GEORGE WILL, HOST: This is not a phony scandal because, as the principle Watergate scholar here knows, John Dean sent a memo to Mr. Higby, who was the assistant of the chief of staff Haldeman, saying we should use the machinery - the federal machinery of government - to screw our enemies. That's what this was about up there.


MATTHEWS: And the question, Howard, who's going to be the John Dean here, the one who was part of this perhaps, that's the most likely person to squeal.

But let’s see what Matthews didn’t show his viewers that occurred before and after that snippet.

JOHN ROBERTS, SUBSTITUTE HOST: George, I know you want to jump in here. We need to get a Twitter question in, because every week, we ask our audience to submit a question via Twitter or Facebook.

Rod Nelson writes, "Where was this media coverage on Benghazi, the NSA and the IRS? Why is this not a, quote, 'phony' scandal?" George.

So,  Will was asked to define why Bridgegate isn't a "phony scandal" in the way that the Obama administration and his media minions described the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the IRS targeting conservative groups, and domestic surveillance by the NSA.

That gives you some context into Will's answer, doesn't it:

WILL: Well, this is not a phony scandal because as the principal Watergate here scholar knows, John Dean sent a memo to Mr. Higby, who was the assistant of the Chief of Staff Haldeman, saying we should use the machinery -- the federal machinery of government - to screw our enemies. That's what this was about up there.

As such, all Will was doing was explaining why Bridgegate isn't a "phony scandal" NOT comparing it to what brought down a sitting president 40 years ago.

But Will wasn't done, for he then explained why this incident may have little consequence:

WILL: Now, let me say one thing about this: we've identified him as the front- runner, Christie. Nothing matters at this point. At this point in the 1972 cycle, the front-runner was Edmund Muskie, sic transit gloria mundi.

In 1980, people said, "Watch out for John Connally. He's a coming star."

1984, they said, "John Glenn, the movie 'The Right Stuff' is coming out. Watch out for John Glenn."

In 2008, to come to modern history, at this point, the far away leader was Rudy Giuliani.

Sound to you like Will thinks this is Christie's Watergate?

But there's still more, for earlier in this segment, Will said he thought this scandal hasn't damaged Christie's presidential ambitions:


GOVERNOR CHRISTIE (R-NEW JERSEY): I had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or execution. And I am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here.


ROBERTS: Chris Christie, of course, the Republican front-runner at this point in the 2016. Has it damaged his chances?

GEORGE WILL, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: I don't think so. Assuming what he just said is true -- and I'm prepared to assume that -- it's still too soon to say. The American people are convinced, not without reason, but the political class is largely composed of synthetic figures, cobbled together from focus groups and polling and all the rest.

So what they're looking for first is authenticity. But then they have to decide that they like what you authentically are. He has established his authenticity.

So once again I ask: did George Will REALLY compare the scandal currently embattling Christie to Watergate?

Or is it high time MSNBC President Phil Griffin or someone at either NBC News or Comcast steps in to establish criteria for how videos are going to be edited for on-air use at this farce of a so-called "news network?"

After all, MSNBC regularly does this kind of deceptive editing to attack its political opponents

As for Matthews, you really have to wonder if he's got any soul left to sell to Democrats he supports.