Former Obama Communications Director Anita Dunn: 'Alternative Fox Universe Is Crumbling'

February 14th, 2013 9:59 AM

Remember Anita Dunn, the former Obama communications director that claimed Fox wasn't a news network?

Well, she's at it again saying Wednesday, "What you're seeing now with Fox is that that alternative Fox universe that they created for four years is crumbling."

In an interview with the Huffington Post's HuffPost Live, Dunn also said, "[Fox CEO] Roger Ailes, who is nothing if not an excellent television person and very smart executive, is realizing that the creationism of the past has to end. And so you see the Fox evolution."

"The changes that Fox is making now are kind of a tacit admission that they had gone way too far to one side and were being seen by people not as a news network, but really as a political organization," Dunn continued. "I mean, there are not a lot of news networks that have on their payrolls as Fox did two years ago the bulk of the people who are planning to run for president in a political party. I mean, think about that."

As you can see, Dunn is still willing to play loose with the facts.

At the start of the last presidential campaign cycle, there were eleven Republican candidates. Only two - Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum - had previously worked for Fox.

I'd say 18 percent hardly represents "the bulk."

Of course, Dunn didn't say anything about her former co-worker Robert Gibbs going to work for MSNBC.

I'm sure she sees no problem with that, or with former Clinton adviser George Stephanopoulos being a prominent figure at ABC News or former Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton being a host of his own MSNBC program. She also failed to mention that Sharpton's colleague, Chris Matthews, very publicly discussed running for Senate in Pennsylvania as a Democrat.

Funny how liberals don't seem to mind when high-ranking Democrats end up working for news outlets but get apoplectic when Republicans contribute to Fox.