Cher and Kathy Griffin: 'Don't Let Mitt Turn Back Time On Women'

November 3rd, 2012 3:39 PM

Cher and Kathy Griffin on Friday released a campaign video accusing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of wanting to turn back time on women’s rights.

I guess these two brainiacs haven’t gotten the message that the White House’s phony Republican war on women has failed and failed badly (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After a video clip of senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock’s recent comments concerning rape, another clip was aired of Romney endorsing him.

“Actually Mitt, we won’t be joining you,” said Cher, “because there’s a lot at stake at this election, especially for women and people who like women and respect them.”

“The point is,” observed Griffin, “this is not the election to be complacent.”

“Honestly, this is sick stuff,” said Cher. She then hit Mourdock for his views as well as Missouri senatorial candidate Todd Akin.

“These guys aren’t running for town councilmen,” Griffin added. “They’re running for the United States Senate.”

“And what about the guy who looks like Dracula?” asked Cher.

“She means Paul Ryan,” Griffin answered. “You know, that guy who thinks that women should only have the right to choose in cases of ‘forcible rape.’”

“I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘un-forcible rape,” ignorantly responded Cher.

“Well, there isn’t,” replied Griffin with equal vapidity.

What is it about liberals never hearing of statutory rape? It’s almost an epidemic with these people.

“The point is that Romney and his buddies are trying to turn back time on women’s rights,” continued Griffin. “This is serious. It’s all or nothing. We are talking about choice and fair pay and healthcare, one by one.”

“So ladies in Des Moines, voters in Madison, voters in Portsmouth, voters in Fort Lauderdale, voters in Cleveland, we need you to do something for your country,” pleaded Cher. “We need you to come together, protect women’s rights. So on November 6, go and vote.”

“This is Cher, bitches. Do what she says,” concluded Griffin.

How did America become a place where woefully uninformed people such as these have so much power over what voters think?